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UV Liquid Tank Conditioners



***NEW*** Liquid Tank Conditioners - UV Disinfection and Filtration Systems ***NEW***
The top-of-tank mounted LTC (Liquid Tank Conditioner) has become an industry standard for reducing condensation and controlling microbial growth in Liquid Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) storage tanks. Using a combination of particle filtration via a series of media filters and microbial inactivation by High Output Shatter-proof UV lamps, these units have been reliably providing clean, disinfected air to the headspace of liquid storage tanks. Combining innovations in materials and fabrication techniques, industry trends and decades of experience, the next generation of LTC units was created. Liquid Tank Conditioner - 2 UV lamps and HEPA Filtration
UV *NEW* Liquid Tank Conditioners Specifications *NEW*
Liquid Tank Conditioners - See The New and Improved LTC
Liquid Tank Conditioners mount on top of liquid storage tanks and provide unsurpassed filtration and UV sterilization. Using high grade stainless steel, 10 micron filters, 0.3 micron absolute HEPA filter, a 140CFM blower motor and two UVC germicidal lamps, these units will filter and disinfect air in the tank headspace. Positive pressure created by the blower forces clean air into the tank at all times. The UV lamps used in the liquid tank conditioners are shatter-proof coated. Liquid Tank Conditioner - UV and Filtration - One & Two UV Lamps
UV Liquid Tank Conditioners Specifications
BT UV Disinfection and Filtration Systems
The BT Liquid Tank Conditioning UV systems can be mounted directly to the tank or remotely (up to 25’) and provide a UVC dose of more than 30,000µWs/cm² using high output, shatterproof lamps. The systems include airflow and LED lamp-on indication and standard 4” Tri Clamp connection.

The BT UV systems are offered in 4, 6 or 8 lamp models.

Liquid Tank Conditioners - UV Disinfection and High Level Filtration
UV BT Tank Conditioners Specifications
Large Tank Conditioners - UV Disinfection and Filtration Systems
Designed for tanks holding 20,000 US gallons (75,710 liters / 75.7m³) and more, the SC-4AB tank conditioner can be mounted on the floor next to the tank for easier lamp and filter changes that do not require climbing on top of the tank.

SC-4AB14-L is equiped with 14" filters - one HEPA FLT060 filter and 2 electrostatic FLT055 filters, 250 CFM blower, four 36" GML100 4-pin Slimline UV lamps, Air Flow and Lamp-out indication.
Liquid Tank Conditioner - UV and Filtration - Four UV Lamps
UV Large Tank Conditioners Specifications
Immersion UV Systems For Storage Tanks

The TTG Series is designed to sterilize tank headspace as well as deliver germicidal UV energy to the liquid in the tank. The lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve for protection, as the lamp is partially submerged, suspended in the tank by a double-grooved gasket. The stainless steel electrical enclosure (which also holds the lamp in place) fits on top of the tank and features a Tube Guard to indicate that the lamp is operating properly.
Immersion UV Systems for Storage Tanks
UV Internal Tank UV Disinfection Systems
In-Line Liquid Sugar And Water Disinfection UV Systems

American Air & Water offers a full range of in-line UV disinfection systems for all liquid sterilization applications, including water and liquid sugar. In-line systems for liquid disinfection emit the EPA-required dose of 40,000µWs/cm². Our water UV systems fit applications from 1 GPM to millions of gallons per day. Please consult American Air & Water for proper sizing of in-line UV disinfection equipment.
Liquid Sugar UV Systems
Liquid Sugar UV Systems Technical Specifications
Options & Accessories For Liquid Tank Conditioning Units
Tri-Clamp & Flange Connections
We can provide units to customer specifications. If a fitting other than the standard 3" PVC female threaded coupling is required, we will be provide the connection size and type needed. Options for P and AB series units include 3" and 4" tri-clamp fittings.

Food-Grade Welds
Food-grade welding is optional on our units.

Air-Flow Indication
Provides visual indication of reduced airflow resulting from clogged filters or blower failure.

Lamp-Out Indication (Tube Guard)
Provides visual indication of UV lamps operational status.

Shatterproof Lamps with Fluoro Ethylene Polymer Coating
A Fluoro Ethylene Polymer sleeve is shrunk onto each UV lamp, preventing any quartz fragments from entering the tank in the unlikely event of lamp breakage. This option slightly reduces UV lamp output, so we recommend using high-output UV lamps.

Sun Screen
Provides additional protection for the filter media against sun and moisture. Ideal for outdoor applications.

High-Output UV Lamps
Recommended for very high purity applications or with Fluoro Ethylene Polymer lamp coating, these UV lamps provide roughly twice the UV intensity of the Slimline germicidal lamps.

Alternative Materials
Units can be fabricated from 316 stainless steel or other materials and subjected to a variety of treatments per customer request.

Interfacing With Process Control Equipment
Our equipment can be configured to provide information to monitoring equipment and fully integrate with existing systems.

Because of their warm, moist environment, liquid sugar and syrup storage tanks are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and yeast. American Air & Water offers several types of germicidal ultraviolet UVC and filtration systems to combat the problem. Our UV systems are specifically designed for liquid storage tank applications. They break down the DNA of mold spores, yeast and bacteria to render them sterile. UV is ideal for liquid storage applications because it has no effect on the taste, color or odor of the liquid. In fact, unlike chemical sterilization UV neither adds nor removes anything from the liquid sugar, syrup or water.

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