WARNING: Exposure to UV light could burn the skin and can cause severe and permanent eye damage by burning the retina. Do not look directly at the UV light.

WARNING: Before replacing the UV lamp, make sure the power source is disconnected or turned OFF.

NOTE: Do not touch the glass portion of the germicidal UV lamp with bare hands. Use cotton gloves to avoid skin oils that will harm the UV lamp.

NOTE: Use only original American-LightsŪ UV lamps. Other lamps will be incompatible and may damage the air cleaner.

NOTE: American Air & WaterŪ, Inc. highly recommends that a qualified technician performs the germicidal UV lamp replacement. The UV lamp should be replaced as follows:

UV lamp replacement with retaining clip - Lamp model AAWHO/14

  1. Remove the 2 Philips screws on the top of the cover and remove the American-LightsŪ cover.
  2. Unplug the UV lamp power plug.
  3. Loosen the retaining lamp clip fasteners and slide clip into open position.
  4. Carefully pull out the old UV lamp by holding the lamp base.
  5. UV Lamp Retaining Clip - Open    UV Lamp Retaining Clip - Closed

  6. Using gloves slide the new UV lamp through the hole in the unit and duct until the retaining ring will not allow further insertion. Slide retaining clip over retaining ring and tighten the fasteners so it will not move.
  7. Carefully attach the plug to the 4-pin end of the UV lamp.
  8. Replace the cover and tighten the screws. Do not pinch or cut any wires.
  9. Power the UV air cleaner. The UV lamp will come on instantly.

IMPORTANT: Dispose of the old UV lamp as a hazardous waste in accordance with local, state and federal regulations or the lamp should be recycled. Please dispose of the used UV lamp properly or send it to American Air & Water for recycling.