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The Future of Lighting


People spend long periods under artificial light which can affect their wellbeing and overall health. The quest for energy efficiency may have gone too far - to the point where the electric light many people receive is insufficient. There is a need for proper balance between healthy light and energy efficiency. Most daily activities are performed in crowded environments so there is also a great need for infection control to limit the spread of diseases and present a first line of defense in an epidemic or a pandemic. My patented invention combines all forms of lighting with infection control and is the first multifunctional lighting solution with automatic direct and indirect disinfection.

Tunable and dimmable polychromatic light, which duplicates the natural sunlight, has its application in all spaces to provide the needed light boost for the occupants and match or even create the appropriate mood. Combined with the power of automatic air and surface disinfection my system provides unique smart lighting solution. Applicable for virtually any setting, including agricultural and livestock facilities, the system is fully customizable and ideal for a myriad of environments where people spend time including gyms, offices, daycares, schools, restaurants, food-processing plants, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and spas. This lighting solution will simultaneously eliminate or reduce germs, helping to win the war on germs and create a safer, healthier environment, lower sick-related absenteeism, provide enhanced lighting and reduce energy consumption.

By recreating the sun light indoors this smart solution will allow us to provide “The Future of Lighting” and “The Future of Food, Farming and Food Processing”. And adding automatic disinfection will also help with infection and disease control. We envision a time when food is grown indoors, in controlled environments, with lighting that simulates sun light. No pests, no freezes, no diseased plants, and a shorter growing cycle.

The 20th century saw human population grow to over 6 billion people due in large part to the “green revolution” in agriculture and improvements in health care and prevention. By 2050 the population of the world will surpass 9 billion people. This growing population needs to be supported by a global food network. There are many threats to this complex system and the whole chain must be protected.

We are trying to create partnerships throughout that will provide the safest food chain possible by developing and implementing the patented technology.


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