American Air & Water UV Light Air Cleaners and Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Germicidal UV Systems   

Different types germicidal UV systems:
  • Direct air and surface disinfection by unshielded UV lamps, which irradiate all air and surfaces directly exposed to the lamp.
  • Direct air and surface sterilization by UV lamps with a reflector to intensify and direct the UV light to a specific area.
  • Air disinfection by enclosed UV lamps, which irradiate the air passing through the UV system moved by a fan or the natural air convection. These units can’t be used for surface disinfection because the light is enclosed or directed to the upper air above eye level so UV can be used in occupied rooms.
  • UV water and liquid sugar disinfection by specially designed enclosed UV systems.
Open UV lamp

Direct UV lamp With Reflector To Confine The Ultraviolet Light

Enclosed UV lamp

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