20 Years - 1 Goal: To provide effective germicidal UV solutions

American Air & Water® designs and delivers ultraviolet solutions through germicidal UVC systems for disinfection of air, surfaces, water and liquid sugar.

"We Provide a Safer, Healthier and More Energy Efficient Environment"

Air and Surfaces UV Disinfection

This complete line of germicidal UV systems includes stationary direct and indirect UV air cleaners and UV surface sterilizers as well as handheld, portable and mobile ultraviolet devices.

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UV Disinfection of Liquids:
water, juices, syrups, liquid sugar, specialty liquids


  • Industrial
  • Syrups, sucrose, fruit juices UV systems
  • Large flow UV systems


  • Sea water and fresh water ultraviolet disinfection systems
  • Salt water UV systems for fisheries and hatcheries
  • Hot water UV systems
  • Cooling towers UV systems


  • Municipal water supply UV disinfection
  • Wastewater disinfection UV systems
  • Horizontal UV lamps
  • Vertical UV lamps


  • Well water whole house UV systems
  • Point-of-entry:  whole-house UV systems
  • Point-of-use: single spigot UV equipment
  • NSF Standard 55 Class A certified UV systems

Custom-built UV Systems

Your organization may have unique disinfection needs that are best addressed by a custom UV system. If your needs go beyond our standard UVC product lines you can request a unique custom design to meet your exact specifications.

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Ultraviolet Systems

Germicidal UV light

The effectiveness of any UV application depends on delivering a sufficient UV dose to inactivate the target microorganisms.

In air and surface disinfection the UV dose is calculated as follows:

UV dose* = UV intensity x Exposure time

An applications engineer knows how to take under consideration all the variables which affect the UV dose.

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* The UV dose is usually expressed in microwatt-seconds per square centimeter (µWs/cm²) or milli-Joules per square centimeter (mJ/cm²).

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