Germicidal Utility UV Systems

Germicidal UV Utility Fixtures are available with flat, A-shaped or half-round reflectors for general-purpose air and surface disinfection and sterilization. Various sizes and configurations are available for all applications. The UF germicidal UV fixtures can be mounted to walls and ceilings, inside cabinets and equipment and under counters. The UF ultraviolet fixtures are UL approved and can be ceiling mounted or suspended. Standard electrical operation is 120V 60Hz with other voltages also available.


  • Direct air and surface sterilization
  • Spectrally polished reflectors maximize UVC lamp output
  • Single and dual UV lamp configurations
  • Standard and High Output UV fixtures available
  • Simple, tool-free lamp change

The UF UV fixtures are available in lengths from 17" to 37" with one or two UV lamps. For food processing installations the UV lamps can be coated with Fluoro ethylene polymer which makes the lamps shatter-proof.

The germicidal UV lamps are rated for 12,000 hours. The lamp-holders allow for simple, tool-free lamp change at the end of the UV lamp's effective life. After compressing the spring-loaded lamp-holder it must be released carefully and not allowed to snap as it may crack. The quartz portion of the lamps must not be touched with bare hands. Use cotton gloves or a lint-free rag to clean and replace the lamps.

WARNING: The UF UV fixtures produce high intensity UV energy and can only be used when there are no people present in the room or personnel must ware eye and skin protection.

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Technical Specifications
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UV UF Model - 1 lamp UV Lamp UVC Watts Reflector UV Intensity @ 1m
UF-36 GML005 13.8 Flat 120 µW/cm²
UF-10-SL GML060 5.3 Flat 55 µW/cm²
UFR-36 GML005 13.8 Half-round 120 µW/cm²
UFA-36 GML005 13.8 A-shaped 120 µW/cm²
UV UF Model - 2 lamps UV Lamp UVC Watts Reflector UV Intensity @ 1m
UF-36-2 GML005 (2) 27.6 Flat 240 µW/cm²
UF-10-2SL GML060 (2) 10.6 Flat 110 µW/cm²
UFR-36-2 GML005 (2) 27.6 Half-round 240 µW/cm²
UFA-36-2 GML005 (2) 27.6 A-shaped 240 µW/cm²

Note: These fixtures are also available with high output UV lamps. Please call or e-mail us for details.

WARNING: Care should be taken to ensure that people are not exposed to direct or reflected UV light. Before cleaning or replacing the UV lamps always turn the power OFF.

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