Direct & Indirect UV Systems

Our line of Direct & Indirect UV Air Cleaners includes ​TB UV Disinfection Systems, Closed End Reflector UV Disinfection Systems, Surface Mount Germicidal UV Fixtures, Recessed Troffers with Germicidal UV Lamps or Luminescent, Germicidal UV Lamps Combo, Corner Mount UV Fixtures, Door Barrier UV Systems and UF UV Fixtures

TB UV Disinfection Systems - TB-12-W, TB-24-W, TB-36-W & RAM36-2 In-room UV Air Cleaners

TB UV Disinfection Systems

Designed to reduce upper air contamination, TB germicidal UV air sterilizers feature an adjustable louver to allow unlimited direction of the ultraviolet rays while protecting personnel and providing maximum germicidal UV air irradiation. RAM36-2 air-movement UV system comes complete with air filters, fans and 2 germicidal UV lamps.

Germicidal Utility UV Systems

Recessed Troffers with Germicidal UV or Luminescent Lamps or Combo

Germicidal UV Utility Fixtures are available with flat, A-shaped or half-round reflectors for general-purpose air and surface disinfection and sterilization. Various sizes and configurations are available for all applications. The UF germicidal UV fixtures can be mounted to walls and ceilings, inside cabinets and equipment and under counters.

CE Closed End Reflector UV Disinfection Systems with 1 to 4 UV Lamps

Closed End Reflector UV Disinfection Systems

In 10 models with lamp configurations of one to four UV lamps, these UV fixtures direct and confine the ultraviolet rays to specific areas. The CE UV fixtures are designed for installation over conveyor lines, laboratory benches, ventilation hoods or with adjustable legs for product sterilization.

SM Surface Mount Germicidal UV Fixtures

Surface Mount Germicidal UV Fixtures

The dust-free design of these air and surface UV sterilizers ensures a lifetime of dependability and contemporary appearance. The SM UV fixtures have specular aluminum reflectors for maximum ultraviolet efficiency. The Surface Mount UV fixtures are designed for hospitals, laboratories and clean room applications.

RT Recessed Troffers with Germicidal UV Lamps or Luminescent and Germicidal UV Lamps Combo

Recessed Troffers with Germicidal UV or Luminescent Lamps or Combo

The Recessed Troffers germicidal ultraviolet air cleaners and surface sterilizers meet hospital, pharmaceutical, clean room and laboratory UV disinfection requirements. Two models recessed troffers are available - with four germicidal UV lamps or a germicidal / illuminating lamps combination using luminescent lamps and germicidal UV lamps