Surface Mount UV Disinfection Systems

SM - Surface Mount Germicidal UV Fixtures for Direct UV Air and Surface Sterilization

The SM direct UV fixtures are designed for hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms and food processing applications.

The dust-free design of these direct UV air and surface disinfection systems ensures a lifetime of dependability and contemporary appearance. The SM UV fixtures are made of aluminum and have spectrally polished aluminum reflectors for maximum ultraviolet efficiency. Low maintenance and low costs are attractive features of the entire SM UV Series. The permanent specular reflector finish can be cleaned easily with alcohol. A strict schedule of regular cleaning and replacing the UV lamps will ensure maximum germicidal effectiveness. The SM UV fixtures can be made of stainless steel upon request.

The Surface-Mount UV fixtures are available in lengths from 18" to 37" with one or two UV lamps. Optional aluminum guard rails protect the UV lamp from breakage in congested areas. The guard rails also could be made of stainless steel. For food processing installations the UV lamps can be coated with Fluoro ethylene polymer which makes the lamps shatter-proof.

The germicidal UV lamps are rated for 12,000 hours. The lamp-holders allow for simple, tool-free lamp change at the end of the UV lamp's effective life. After compressing the spring-loaded lamp-holder it must be released carefully and not allowed to snap as it may crack. The quartz portion of the lamps must not be touched with bare hands. Use cotton gloves or a lint-free rag to clean and replace the lamps.

WARNING: The SM UV fixtures produce high intensity UV energy and can only be used when there are no people present in the room. These UV systems can be powered on a timer or an external on/off switch allowing for safe operation and eliminating the risk of exposure to UV.

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Surface Mount UV Fixtures Technical Specifications - best viewed on large screen

1 Lamp Models UV Lamp UV Watts Length inches UV Intensity @ 1m
SM-36 * GML005 13.8 37 120 µW/cm²
SM-10-SL GML060 5.3 18⅛ 55 µW/cm²
SM-30-H GML220 8.3 37 85 µW/cm²
SM-25-H GML215 5.0 18⅛ 54 µW/cm²
SM-15-H GML210 3.6 18⅛ 38 µW/cm²
2 Lamp Models UV Lamp UV Watts Length inches UV Intensity @ 1m
SM-36-2 * GML005 (2) 13.8 37 240 µW/cm²
SM-10-2SL GML060 (2) 5.3 18⅛ 110 µW/cm²
SM-30-2H GML220 (2) 8.3 37 170 µW/cm²
SM-25-2H GML215 (2) 5.0 18⅛ 108 µW/cm²
SM-15-2H GML210 (2) 3.6 18⅛ 76 µW/cm²

* SM-36 and SM-36-2 have electronic ballasts which can automatically handle 110/220/277V 50/60Hz.
  For all other models, please specify required voltage.

WARNING: Care should be taken to ensure that people are not exposed to direct or reflected UV light. Before cleaning or replacing the UV lamps always turn the power OFF.