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Germicidal UV Applications for Air, Surfaces and Liquids

Germicidal UV can be applied in virtually any settings where environmental or special disinfection is desired or required. That can be air, surfaces, water or other liquids. The UV applications vary depending on:

In ducts UV air disinfection system
In ducts UV air cleaner
In ducts air UV system installation
  • What is being disinfected: 
    air, surfaces, water or other liquids
  • The type of facility where the UV systems are installed: 
    industrial, commercial, institutional or residential
  • Municipalities need to disinfect the potable water supply and also the treated wastewater prior to releasing it back in the environment

Indoor Air, Surfaces and Liquids  UV Applications

Indoor air UV disinfection is achieved by installing germicidal ultraviolet lamps in the air handlers, in the air ducts or directly inside the rooms.

Environmental surfaces are disinfected by permanently installed UV fixtures or mobile room disinfection UV systems while the rooms are unoccupied.

Water disinfection occurs in special chambers with one or more UV lamps inside with the water piped through the chamber.

Germicidal UV is an accepted alternative to pasteurization for inactivating of pathogens and other microorganisms which shorten the shelf life of beverages and foods.

Municipal Water UV Disinfection

The ultraviolet systems for municipal UV applications must meet strictest rules and regulations.

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