American Air & Water UV Light Air Cleaners and Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Recommended UV Products   

Residential HVAC installation – American-Lights High Output UV Air Cleaner »

Commercial, medical HVAC coil irradiation – CC UV Disinfection Systems, designed to meet the US Government Standards »

Medical and critical government / military facilities HVAC air irradiation – DC High Output UV Air Cleaners for In-Duct air disinfection »

Industrial, commercial, medical direct surface sterilization – SM and CE Direct Surface UV sterilizers »

Indirect upper air sterilization in patients’ rooms and waiting rooms in hospitals – TB germicidal UV air cleaners and Portable UV air cleaners »

Replacement UV Lamps and Lamp Specifications »

Explosion-proof UV Systems for Hazardous Environments »

UV Water Purification – UV water disinfection systems »
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