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TB UV Air Cleaners




TB-36-W, TB-24-W, TB-12-W and RAM36-2 UV Air Cleaners
UV Air Cleaners - TB Indirect UV Air CleanersThe TB UV air cleaners are designed to reduce upper air microbial contamination. TB germicidal UV air sterilizers feature adjustable louvers to direct the ultraviolet rays while protecting personnel and providing maximum germicidal UV irradiation of the air. The TB UV cleaners are constructed of high grade stainless steel with an alzak aluminum reflector and cover 75, 200 and 300 square feet respectively. The TB indirect air cleaners mount 7' above the floor and use SBL UV lamps.Replacing the UV lamps requires only disconnecting the power and lowering the hinged front louver. The TB air cleaners are
RAM36-2 UV Disinfection System
RAM36-2 UV System /Closed cover/

RAM36-2 UV Disinfection System
RAM36-2 UV System /Open cover/ 
shipped assembled and include a grounded power cord, pull-chain switch, Slimline UV lamp and louver.

A totally enclosed air-movement UV sterilization system, RAM36-2 comes complete with air filters, fans and two ultraviolet lamps. This air cleaner is designed for UV air irradiation of rooms where congestion or ceiling height prohibits the use of wall-mounted indirect UV air cleaners. Constructed of high grade stainless steel, each RAM36-2 air cleaner produces four or more air changes per hour in rooms up to 200 square feet. The RAM36-2 models are designed for continuous air UV irradiation and decontamination. These air cleaners come completely assembled with a grounded power cord, switch and UV lamps.

TB & RAM Air Cleaners Technical Specifications

 Air Cleaner Model





 UV Lamps

SBL350*  SBL325  SBL005

SBL420 (2)

 UV Lamp Life

12,000 hours

12,000 hours

12,000 hours

17,000 hours

 UV Lamp Intensity

50 µW/cm²

100 µW/cm²

175 µW/cm²

120 µW/cm²

 Air Movement




100 CFM


120V, 60Hz, 3Amp / 220V, 50/60Hz


All TB air cleaners are made of hospital grade stainless steel

 Sq. Ft. Coverage

75 sq. ft.

200 sq. ft.

300 sq. ft.

200 sq. ft.

 Lamp replacement

UV lamp must be replaced before the end of the effective lamp life.
The UV lamp will continue to operate longer but the UV output deteriorates rapidly.

* SBL350 UV lamp replaced SBL060
  Download the TB, RAM, CM UV air cleaners specs /PDF/

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