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HVAC UV Disinfection Systems




CC High Output UV Disinfection Systems
CC Series High-Output UV systems are designed specifically for UV disinfection of cooling coils in HVAC applications. The UV systems can be mounted in various configurations to irradiate cooling coils and drain pans and for optimum air decontamination. Individual UV fixtures can be mounted to plenum walls or multiple fixtures can mount to frame assemblies that span supply ducts or cooling coils.

CC UV Disinfection Systems Specifications

High Output Coil Cleaners - UV Coil Disinfection
CK UV Systems for HVAC Air Handling Units
Modular, highly configurable UVC kits for Air Handling Units (AHU). The CK UV systems are simple to install and are configured to provide the exact UV setup in a wide variety of HVAC installations. The CK UV lights provide the germicidal UV energy needed with a small foot print and minimal pressure drop. Standard configurations offer up to 16 UV lamps running from a single electronic enclosure.

CK UV Systems Specifications

Modular AC UV Systems
UV Air Purifiers - 2 or 4 UV Lamps In-Duct UV Disinfection System DC-2 / DC-4
Tested and proven performers In-Duct UV Air Purifiers DC-2 and DC-4 consist of two or four High Output ultraviolet lamps, ballast and accessory assembly, providing architects and engineers with a complete unit to meet all requirements. The UV systems are manufactured in different series for commercial and industrial installations. All series include voltage specific UV systems for 120/277V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz. Individually or in combination with like units and/or Coil Clean (CC) UV disinfection systems, the DC in-duct UV air cleaners adapt to HVAC systems.

DC UV Air Purifiers Specifications

In-Duct UV Air Purifiers for HVAC Systems - 4 UV Lamps
Packaged Equipment Kit - PEK UV Systems
PEK UV germicidal fixtures are designed specifically for fan coils, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), classroom unit ventilators, packaged split systems and other similar room units. The PEK UV systems use practical and effective UVC technology to overcome the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) challenge other small in-room packaging equipment hasn’t been able to solve because they’re often equipped with low-efficiency filters that cannot effectively capture infectious contaminants or mold.

PEK UV Systems Specifications

Eliminator UV Disinfection Systems for HVAC Installation
NC UV Disinfection Systems with NEMA Housing for Outdoor Installation
The NC (NEMA 4X) high output germicidal UV Systems
are mounted externally with only the lamp(s) inserted in the air handler or duct to disinfect the airstream. The NC systems include weather-resistant NEMA 4X housing that makes them ideal for outdoor HVAC units.

NC UV Fixtures Specifications

NC UV Systems - NEMA Housing
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