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UV Air Cleaners, UV Water Purifiers and UV Lamps

UV Air Cleaners, UV Water Purifiers and UV Lamps

  UV Air Cleaners, Water Disinfection Systems and UV Lamps  UV SYSTEMS

UV Air Cleaner, Air Cleaners and UV Lamps


American Air & Water, Inc. offers germicidal UV systems for any facility - from small residential UV systems to large UV disinfection equipment for commercial / industrial projects. Custom UV designs to meet any specific requirements also available.

The complete line of germicidal UV systems includes direct and indirect UV air cleaners, UV surface sterilizers, ultraviolet water disinfection systems, handheld, portable and mobile ultraviolet devices and UV lamps. Additional germicidal products are also available and include Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution, Enzyme Mold Cleaner, Antimicrobial Lotion Soap and electrical foggers.

Residential UV Air Cleaner - American-Lights« High Output UV Air Cleaner

American-Lights High Output UV Air Cleaner American-Lights UV Air Cleaner Specifications

UV Lamp AAWHO/14 GML600 UV Lamp Specs

American-Lights´┐Ż UV Air Cleaner American-Lights UV Air Cleaner website

American-Lights UV Air Cleaner - Residential / Light Commercial UV Applications
HVAC Cooling Coil & In-Duct UV Air Cleaners and Surface Disinfection Systems

HVAC UV Systems HVAC In-duct UV Air & Coil Disinfection Systems

UV Air Cleaners And Ultraviolet Coil Disinfection Systems

 Indirect UV Air Cleaners & Direct Surface Sterilizers

Direct UV Surface Sterilizers and Indirect UV Air Cleaners Direct & Indirect UV Air Cleaners

TB Fixtures for Indirect UV Air Irradiation

 Mobile UV Air Cleaners & Direct UV Surface Sterilizers

Portable UV Air Purifiers Portable UV Air & Surface Sterilizers

Portable UV Air Cleaners and Mobile UV Room Sterilizers
Storage Tanks UV Disinfection And Air Filtration Systems

UV Disinfection and Air Filtration Systems for Liquid Tanks Liquid Tank Conditioners

UV Disinfection and Air Filtration Systems for Liquid Tanks Liquid Tank Conditioners - LTC with 2 or 4 UV Lamps

Ultraviolet Conditioners for Remote Install BT Tank Conditioners - 4, 6 or 8 UV Lamps

Immersion UV Systems SC-4AB UV Disinfection Systems for High Flow Rates

Immersion UV Systems Immersion UV Disinfection Systems

Storage Tanks UV Disinfection And Filtration Systems
Custom UV Disinfection Systems

UV Disinfection and Air Filtration Systems for Liquid Tanks Custom UV Systems

UV Disinfection and Air Filtration Systems for Liquid Tanks UV Systems for Hospitals and OR Packages

Custom UV Disinfection Systems
UV Water Disinfection Systems

UV Water Disinfection Systems - Residential / Commercial Ultraviolet Water Purifiers - UV Disinfection

NSF UV Water Disinfection Systems NSF Certified UV Disinfection Systems NSF 55 Class A Certified UV Systems

TrojanUV Max Pro 30 UV Purifier - NSF Certified Explosion Proof UV Systems

TrojanUV Max Pro 30 UV Purifier - NSF Certified Liquid Sugar UV Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers for UV Disinfection
Replacement UV Lamps

UV Lamps Replacement UV Lamps

Replacement Ultraviolet Lamps - UV Lamps
Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution and Mold Cleaner

Sporicidin Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution

Sporicidin Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Soap on GSA Schedule

Sporicidin Disinfectants
AA&W Electric Fogger 2600

Fogger Fogger - Electric Foggers /Fogger 2600/

Fogger 2600

UV Air Cleaners and Water Disinfection Systems Help

Let us help you find the best UV Air Cleaners, Surface Sterilizers, Water Purifiers or UV Lamps for your particular needs. Please, follow the respective link if you are interested in:

UV Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers UV Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Replacement UV Lamps UV Lamps

Quotes will be provided for any germicidal ultraviolet equipment specifications for any facility.


Home UV Air Cleaner - HVAC contractors should visit the technical specifications page of the American-Lights High Output Residential UV Air Cleaner. Homeowners can go to the American-Lights UV Air Cleaner designated website. The American-Lights UV Air Cleaner is installed by a certified HVAC contractor inside the air duct of home HVAC systems and covers up to 5,000 square feet. By treating the air which passes through residential HVAC systems with ultraviolet light, American-Lights UV Air Cleaner effectively reduces or eliminates airborne germs such as mold, bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.

Commercial UV Air Cleaners include direct air cleaners and direct UV surface sterilizers, HVAC, or in-duct, mounted UV air cleaners and the portable UV air cleaners and air purifiers. The UV Air Cleaners are proven so effective that U. S. General Services Administration has incorporated them in the Public Buildings Standards as follows: "Ultraviolet light Air Cleaners shall be incorporated downstream of all cooling coils and above all drain pans to control airborne and surface microbial growth and transfer. Applied fixtures / lamps must be specifically manufactured for this purpose."
Full UV Air Cleaners text here >

Residential And Commercial Ultraviolet Water Purifiers section lists the main links to the Home UV Water Purifiers and Commercial Ultraviolet Water Purifiers pages. Ultraviolet water purifiers present a proven, dependable and effective method for controlling and eradicating microorganisms in the drinking water. Germicidal UV Water Purifiers are extremely effective in killing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds. Germicidal UV Light targets the bacterial and viral DNA of water contaminants. Specific UV applications for water disinfection are described in UV water disinfection applications

There are various types of lamps that artificially produce UV. There are UV lamps for tanning, for counterfeit money detection, blacklight stage lamps and lamps for mineral displays, lamps that produce Ozone and germicidal UV lamps. American Air & Water's primary focus is the germicidal type UV lamps, which emit shortwave UV light in the ultraviolet section of the specter also known as UVC or germicidal UV. For more information on artificial UV production by different UV lamps visit the UV lamps section. For the specs of different types of UV lamps visit the Replacement UV Lamps section. Many times people refer to the UV lamps as UV bulbs as in regular light bulb. Even though bulb is not the correct term, replacement bulb, UV bulb or bulbs are widely accepted in the industry as a reference to the UV lamps.

If you are still NOT sure which UV air cleaner, UV surface sterilizers or water purifiers are the best for your particular UV application or if you don't know exactly which replacement UV lamps are compatible with your UV system, please go to the Air Cleaners and Water Purifiers Help section above and follow the respective links, or visit American Air & Water Home page for Featured UV Air Cleaners and Ultraviolet Water Purifiers.

Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution is EPA registered as Avian (Bird) Flu Disinfectant and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Disinfectant. MRSA disinfectant Avian (Bird) Flu Disinfectant

Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution (towelettes, pump spray and solution) have 510(k) clearances. They are also registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as "hospital disinfectants". They were the first liquid germicides to receive FDA 510(k) clearances for disinfection of medical devices. Sporicidin infection control products are used by medical and dental professionals in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, blood banks, dialysis centers and medical, dental and veterinary offices. They provide 100% kill of pathogenic and odor-causing organisms.

Sporicidin is recommended for the following applications: mold remediation for commercial and residential buildings, HVAC air ducts cleaning, sewage cleanup, water and flood damage restoration, decontaminating and deodorizing carpet, upholstery, furniture, books and art - kills the microorganisms that cause odors, decontaminating respirators, personal protective equipment and restoration equipment, biohazard and crime scene cleanup, misting and dust suppression, disinfection of instruments, equipment and surfaces in hospitals, medical and dental offices and pharmaceutical clean rooms - Sporicidin has been the medical disinfectant of choice since 1978.

Sporicidin is non-corrosive and safe to use on wood, glass, tile, rubber, vinyl, plastics and metals.

Note: UV lamps contain mercury therefore must be properly disposed of as a hazardous waste in accordance with local, state and federal regulations or the lamps should be recycled. Please dispose of the used UV lamps properly or send them to American Air & Water and we will collect and send the lamps to a lamp recycling facility.


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