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SC-4AB - Liquid Tank Conditioners




UV Liquid Tank Conditioning Systems For High Drop-out Rates
Liquid Tank Conditioners - UV Disinfection And Filtration System With Four UV Lamps

SC-4AB14 – UV Liquid Tank Conditioner

SC4B UV Systems /PDF Spec Sheet/

SC4AB UV Details /PDF/

For tanks with very high dropout rates (1,000GPM or more), the SC-4AB tank conditioner can be remotely mounted next to the tank for easier lamp and filter changes that do not require climbing on top of the tank. These UV systems can also incorporate various custom add-ons.

SC-4AB14 is equipped with 14" x 14" filters - 2 electrostatic 10-micron pre-filters FLT055 and one 0.3-micron HEPA filter FLT060, pressure blower capable of delivering more than 200CFM at 3" WG SP, four 36" shatter-proof coated UV lamps GML100, Air Flow and Lamp-out indication with dry contacts for remote monitoring.

The SC-4AB Liquid Tank Conditioners have airflow and lamp status indicators on the enclosure panel along with three additional relays which allow it to be linked into the remote control systems. This linkage provides a visual indication on the panel, as well as a switch closure to the control system to show that the UV lamps and blower are on.

SC-4AB Standard Features

 - 250 CFM blower at 3" WG static pressure
 - 304 Stainless Steel construction
 - Four 36" shatter-proof UV lamps GML100T (on conditioner unit only)
 - Two 10-mciron 14" x 14" x 1" SS electrostatic pre-filters FLT055
 - One 0.3-micron 14" x 14" x 6" SS Absolute HEPA filter FLT060
 - Remote NEMA 4 electrical enclosure with air-flow and lamp status indicators and dry contacts
 - Available in multiple voltages, 50/60Hz - download LTC Specs for complete details

Custom UV system with heater

Custom units with heaters (as shown) also available. Call 843-306-0070 for quotes.

Tank vent with filters for for use with SC-4AB14

STX14ABSSTRI4 - Tank exhaust vent filter for for use with SC-4AB14 conditioners, 304 stainless steel construction (316SS also available), 14" x 14" filters - two electrostatic 10-micron pre-filters FLT055 and one 0.3-micron absolute HEPA filter FLT060. 4" tri clamp ferule with other sizes tri clamp fittings and flanges available. Shown with the SCZ097 add-on rain / sun screen for outdoor installations.

The STX exhaust vent filters can be installed on top of the tank or remotely to protect the tank head-space from dirty air intrusion through the exhaust vent when the SC14AB is turned off.

Ultraviolet Sterile Conditioners Technical Data

Germicidal ultraviolet systems for liquid storage tanks (liquid sugar, syrup, water) with high drop out rates.

Tank Conditioners

Tank Conditioners Description and Dimensions
Sterile tank conditioner with 4 UV lamps. Dimensions: 64" L x 27" H x 17.5" W - top-of-tank or floor mounted (for large liquid storage tanks with high pump-out rates)
SC-4AB14 Liquid Tank Conditioner - 14" filters (one HEPA filter and two electrostatic filters),
250 CFM blower, four 36" shatter-proof UV lamps, Air Flow and Lamp-out indication,
Various voltage options available - see LTC Specs for details.
SCZ097 Add-on Rain / Sun screen for outdoor installations
Replacement Parts GML100T shatter-proof UV lamp, 14" filters - HEPA FLT060; electrostatic filter FLT055
Tank vent - one required with SC-4AB14 conditioner
STX14ABSSTRI4 Exhaust Vent Filter with two electrostatic 10-micron pre-filters FLT055, one 0.3-micron absolute HEPA filter FLT060, 4" Tri clamp ferule
SCZ097 Add-on Rain / Sun screen for outdoor installations
Custom Tank Blowers with true pressure blowers available. Call for details.

SC4B UV Systems /PDF Spec Sheet/

SC4AB UV Details /PDF/

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