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UV Accessories And Optional Equipment




UVC Meter with UV-C Intensity Sensor
UV512C - Digital UVC Meter / Ultraviolet Radiometer Features:
  • Includes an UVC sensor
  • Backlit LCD with 4 digit dual display
  • Socket for tripod mounting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Magnetic mount
  • 20 point memory
  • Over range indication
  • CE, RoHS, WEEE approved

• Two Ranges:
   Low: 1W/cm² to 9999W/cm²
   High: 0.01mW/cm² to 40mW/cm²
• Calibration Point: 254nm UV-C wavelength
Supplied with a UVC sensor probe
Price: $599.95 Sale Price: $499.00
UV Monitor with a UVC Intensity Sensor
UV Monitor with UVC Intensity Sensor and UVA Sensor
UVC 254 and UVA UV Monitor Ultraviolet Radiometer Features:
  • Includes UVA and UVC probes
  • Measures light intensity within two automatically switched full-scale ranges
  • Displays maximum and minimum readings
  • Performs real-time automatic data logging
  • Comes with 2GB SD memory card, but works with cards up to 16GB
  • Big 2.5” front-panel green backlit LCD is easy to read
• Two Ranges: 2mW/cm² and 20mW/cm²
• Measurement Spectral Range: 240nm to 390nm
Supplied with UVC sensor and UVA probe Buy Now
UV Monitor with UVC Intensity Sensor and UVA sensor
UV Lamp Tube Guard Kit
UV Lamp "Tube Guard Kits" are available as a simple and reliable way to indicate that the lamp is lit and operational. Tube Guard Kits are provided with a 4" x 4" enclosure that has a Green indicator light for "Lamp Lit" and Red indicator light for "Lamp Out" conditions. The standard kit shown is for one individual lamp. Multiple banks of lamps can be provided with Tube Guards mounted in larger enclosures with the indicator lamps being identified for each lamp or lamp fixture.

UV Lamp Tube Guard

UV Reflective Aluminum Insulation
The Reflectix aluminum insulation can be used as a reliable way of intensifying the UV radiance in the HVAC ducts. Aluminum has the highest UV reflective factor. Self-adhesive aluminum Reflectix increases the UV intensity.

UV Reflective Aluminum - Reflectix

Shatter-proof Coating of UV Lamps
The UV lamps can be shatter-proof coated with Fluoro Ethylene Polymer. Coated UV lamps are extremely difficult to break. If a lamp breaks the coating contains all the quartz shards and the mercury, protecting the environment. Coated UV Lamp
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