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Health Related UV Resources And UV Light Q&A

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The following are external resources on indoor air quality and germicidal ultraviolet technology UVGI.

UV publications:

IUVA Fact Sheet on COVID-19 - UV and COVID-19

UV Lamps Could Reduce Worker Sickness

Chlorinated Pools May Raise Allergy Risk

UV ousting chlorine in pool - New way of cleansing water may help swimmers lower times.

UV in Swimming Pools and Water Parks

NIOSH* Tests UV System For TB Protection
       * NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The Role Of UV In Solving Next-Generation Water Challenges /PDF/

General UV and health related resources:

International Ultraviolet Association /IUVA/

NCBI NIH : UV Against Dust Mites

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation /Penn State University/

EPA Indoor Air Quality

Effectiveness of UV Irradiation for Pathogen Inactivation in Water

Environmental Control for Tuberculosis: Basic Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Guidelines for Healthcare Settings

DHHS/CDC/NIOSH Upper-Room UVGI Guidelines for Environmental Control of Tuberculosis in Healthcare Settings /PDF 6MB/

For HVAC Professionals:

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

ASHRAE Position Document on Airborne Infectious Diseases

UV antimicrobial devices used to combat HAIs in medical facilities /Discussion of UV Application for infection control in hospitals, IUVA News, Summer 2017/

UV Water Treatment
UNH Leads International Effort In Lighting The Way To Safer Drinking Water

UV treatment is one of several technologies the EPA recommends to help communities meet new, more stringent drinking-water standards. UV light is not only effective, but also very efficient. It can disinfect water at about one-tenth the cost of other treatment methods ...  A UV light facility for New York City, which provides 1.6 billion gallons of water a day, would take the space of one football field. An ozone facility, by comparison, would require 1000 times more space. The city, which will need to significantly upgrade its water treatment to meet the new EPA regulations, would save literally billions of dollars on the installation of a UV facility...
International UV Association
Since 1999 the International Ultraviolet Association is serving all professional fields with interests in UV technology. This includes UV disinfection for drinking water, wastewater and water for reuse; the fields of UV curing of adhesives, polymers, and inks; the use of UV in the biotechnology fields; the use of UV in forensic science; the use of UV in the entertainment field; the use of UV in the sun tanning field; the use of UV in treatment/storage of foods, the use of UV in non-destructive testing etc... The decision by the USEPA to include UV disinfection of surface water in the upcoming US drinking water regulations has surely given IUVA a boost....  We have members from 29 countries, interested in all facets of UV technologies and applications... The primary goal of IUVA is to advance the science, engineering and applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of human life and protect the environment...

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