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American-Lights Home UV Air Cleaner

AA&W Fogger

  american-lights<sup>®</sup> High Output UV Air Cleaner  UV PRODUCTS

American-Lights UV Air Cleaner


AA&W Electric Fogger

  • Variable flow from ultra low volume (ULV) to light mist
  • 1.5 gallon capacity
  • 2-stage motor for good reliability
  • Adjustable flow from 0-18 oz/min
  • Nozzle mounted on 48" hose
  • Easy to use yet durable
The Flex-A-Lite Fogger provides the operator with the widest range of options available for cold fog applications. The nozzle, attached to the flex hose, allows the user to easily direct the fog in, under and at objects. The convenient flow adjustment knob located at the nozzle enables the operator of the fogger to change the liquid flow rate being dispensed.

The operator can adjust the liquid flow to dispense materials at average droplet sizes under 20 microns (water based chemicals at room temperature). Droplets of this size remain suspended in air for extended period of time and are used primarily for insecticide applications to control flying insects.

Droplet size will increase as the liquid flow rate is increased and will average approximately 80 microns when the liquid flow is adjusted for maximum output. Larger droplets are dispersed by air flow and can settle on surfaces. This characteristic makes them useful for applying disinfectant, deodorizers and chemicals used for coating the insides of air ducts or other surfaces.

2600 Flex-A-Lite Fogger

Fogger Operatiing Instructions Fogger Operating Instructions
Fogger Drawing Fogger Dimensional Drawing
Sprayer Warranty Fogger Warranty

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Respirator / Mask

When fogging, even though not required, the use of protective goggles and respirator / mask is recommended. The 7700 half mask respirators offer the needed protection.

7700 Silicone Half Mask Respirators

The 7700's soft non-allergenic silicone seal provides excellent protection, comfort and fit. The half mask cradle suspension system allows the face-piece to seal evenly on the face without creating pressure points. Its low profile gives workers a wide field of vision and does not interfere with protective eyewear. The low inhalation and exhalation resistance of the 7700 Series makes breathing easier. NIOSH approved when used with North cartridges and/or filters.

7700 Silicone Half Mask Respirators

Replacement Cartridge

The 75SCP100 replacement cartridge is recommended.

Multi-Purpose Cartridge & P100 Filter

Defender Multi-Purpose Cartridge for Organic Vapor, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide (Escape), Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Ammonia, Methylamine and Formaldehyde & P100 Particulate Filter (99.97% Minimum Filter Efficiency)
75SCP100 replacement cartridge

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