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Custom UV Systems




Your organization may have unique disinfection needs that are best addressed by a custom UV system

Custom UV Disinfection Conveyor

Custom UV Conveyor

If your needs go beyond our standard UVC product lines you can request a unique custom design to meet your exact specifications.

Our technically knowledgeable sales staff and engineering department will provide you with custom conceptual solutions to accommodate your specific business needs. Once you submit your inquiry and it is determined that a custom UV system is needed, your project will be submitted to our engineers for review. A custom solution at the concept level is free and non-binding.

We have been creating unique ultraviolet solutions for a wide range of applications, including specialty UV applications. When you need an adapted version of our standard equipment or a complete system designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up our full staff of electrical, mechanical and design engineers will work with you to provide you with the right solution.

  1. Development of custom UV concepts – an outline of unique UVC configurations to meet your requirements
  2. Made to order custom UV systems – after approval of the design drawings the custom systems enter production and are built to your exact specifications
  3. Quality and support - the custom UVC systems provide you with a high quality solution and long term technical support
Custom UV Rack

Custom UV Rack

The custom UVC systems allow for easy integration, dependability and safety. They can be designed for retrofit into your existing setting or specified and incorporated into a new facility design. The scope of custom designs is virtually unlimited including custom conveyors, conveyor retrofit chambers and tunnels, portable UV sterilization boxes and multiple-lamp UV rack systems.

You will need to supply the following preliminary information:

  1. What is your intended application - what do you want to have disinfected?
  2. What are the target microorganisms - what UV dose will provide effective disinfection?
  3. What is your process - speed of conveyor and dimensions? Are pictures and/or drawings available?

We’ll work with you every step of the process to provide you with proper specifications and targeted UV dosages for effective solution to your specific application. Call us at 843-306-0070 or click on the link below:

Contact American Air & Water for Your Custom UV Systems

Custom UV Sterilization Chamber

Custom UV Sterilization Chamber

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