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UV Lamp Specifications




GSA Contract for UV Lamp AAWHO/14The American-Lights® High Output Germicidal UV Lamp is similar in design to a normal fluorescent lamp. It is a 4-pin ceramic base lamp with Teflon wiring. It is constructed of type “L”, hard glass quartz which eliminates ozone production. Heat output is low, allowing the UV lamp to be installed safely in several different locations within the HVAC system. Effective lamp life is approximately one year. The UV lamp continues to glow after that but the UV output deteriorates.
High Output UV Lamp Technical Specifications
UV Lamp Model AAWHO/14 UV Lamp GML600 for
UV Lamp Length 14.5”
Lamp Etching AAWHO/14 GML600
Effective Lamp Life 12,000 hours
Lamp Base 4-pin ceramic with a retaining ring
Lamp End cap Ceramic
Teflon Wires 26 awg Teflon
Lamp Diameter 15mm
Lamp Base Diameter 18.5mm
Lamp Operating Voltage 54VAC @ 60Hz
Lamp Starting Voltage 120VAC @ 60Hz
Lamp Wattage /electrical/ 36W
UV Output /253.7nm@100 hrs/ 12W
UV intensity @ 1 meter 106µW/cm²
UV intensity @ 1 foot 800µW/cm²
Replacement High Output UV Lamp AAWHO/14 GML600

UV lamp with retaining ring /green tips/

UV lamp with retaining ring /white tips/

UV Lamp with Retaining Ring AAWHO/14 (GML600)

UV Lamp with Retaining Ring
GSA Contract for UV Lamp AAWHO/14

UV lamp without retaining ring UVHOAL300AV/14

Replacement UV Lamp - High Output Germicidal UV Lamp

UV Lamp without Retaining Ring

Made in the U.S.A. U.S.

The effective UV output of the lamps decreases over time. With the older lamps the UV output decreases steadily while the lamp is in operation and very rapidly toward the end of lamp life. These lamps are still utilized for applications where the UV intensity is not of crucial importance - surface sterilization, for example, where the irradiation time is almost unlimited. However for the fast moving cold air in the HVAC systems only High Output germicidal UV lamps should be used. U.S. Patent 4,700,101 for the 4-pin base.

The American-Lights® high output germicidal UV lamps provide stable UV output for up to 50% longer than traditional germicidal lamps. With a typical germicidal UV lamp, the output at 254nm will drop to
60% of the initial UV output at about 9,000 hours. This means that on average, every 45 days, the standard UV lamp is becoming 5% less effective. The American-Lights® High Output lamps maintain their intensity better and longer than conventional germicidal lamps. At 9,000 hours (approximately 1 year), the American-Lights® UV lamp is still operating at 90% of its initial intensity. At 12,000 hours of operation, the lamp is emitting 85% and the UV output starts deteriorating rapidly. The lamp should be replaced after one year even though it continues to operate at a lower UV efficiency after one year.

American-Lights High Output germicidal UV lamps provide stable UV output longer than traditional germicidal UV lamps

Utilizing a proprietary technology, the American-Lights® high output UV lamps maintain a higher UV output, with much slower UV output depreciation than traditional germicidal lamps. Operating continuously (turning lamp on and off shortens its life) at the proper power, the American-Lights® UV lamps offer stable and consistent UV disinfection over time with a uniform system performance throughout the life of the lamp.


The UV lamp should be mounted a minimum of 30” from heat source if on supply side.
Prolonged exposure to UV light will burn the eyes and possibly burn the skin. Always turn UV light OFF for HVAC system servicing or lamp replacement!

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