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CK HVAC UV Systems




Modular UVC System for HVAC applications

CK UV Systems for AHU Disinfection

CK AHU UV System Spec Sheet
CK UV Systems Visualization Drawing

UV System Controller
CK UV Controller

The CK UV systems are designed as modular, highly configurable UVC kits for Air Handling Units (AHU). The UV systems are simple to install and are configured to provide the exact UV setup in a wide variety of HVAC installations. The CK UV lights provide the germicidal UV energy needed with a small foot print and minimal pressure drop. Standard configurations offer up to 16 UV lamps running from a single electronic enclosure. The CK systems can be supplied with standard, shatter-proof coated or double-walled cell UV lamps, based on requirements of the installation. The BMS option allows for lamp monitoring with current sensing relays to connect to a building’s central monitoring system.

Applications: CK UV kits are ideal for internal installation in any HVAC system in commercial, industrial, health care and institutional buildings. The UV systems are an excellent choice for mounting close to the coil and drain pan areas to continuously disinfect them with germicidal UV and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in these areas. At the same time the UV lights can be sized for air stream disinfection as well.

BMS option: The addition of one or more lamp monitoring boards to a CK enclosure allows remote monitoring of all lamps by external systems - such as a building management system - so CK system status is available without anyone having to go inside the AHU.

CK germicidal UV Systems Features:

    UV Lamp Spring Clips
    UV Lamp Clips
  • Single control enclosure drives up to sixteen 36" UV lamps or up to eight 60" UV lamps
  • UV lamp lengths: 18", 24", 36", 48", 60” • Regular, shatterproof and double-wall cell high output UV lamps available, all with SureSeal moisture-proof lamp socket connection
  • Two-year (17,000 hours) guarantee on lamps with only 20% decrease in UV output over the two years
  • Multi-voltage, multi-frequency for worldwide operation
  • Main power switch and ballast status LED indication on front of enclosure • Lamp cables available in 8, 12 and 30-foot lengths
  • Easy to use mounting hardware utilizes snap-in UV lamp clips, allowing for tool-free lamp changes at end of lamp life
  • Optional reflectors (only when mounting upstream of the coil) for additional UVC intensity.

CK UV system installation benefits:

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses, mold and spores which grow in or pass through the air handling units.
  • Continuously inhibits microbiological growth on coils, drain pans, plenums and ducts
  • Reduces HVAC energy costs by restoring heat transfer and net cooling capacity or keeping them at design levels for new AHU's
  • Produces no ozone or any other secondary contaminants
  • Eliminating costly cleaning programs and the use of harmful chemicals

UV LAMPS: CK Series UVC lamps are high-output (800mA), T5 tube diameter, and constructed from hard glass tubing for superior UV transmittance do not produce any Ozone. The lamps shall retain, at minimum, 80% of initial output for 17,000 hours of use. They are sealed for moisture protection with a water-tight connection. Electrodes are designed to maximize plasma convection and stability for superior lamp performance. Lamps are rated to produce 11.7µW/cm² per linear inch of lamp arc length at 1m in airstreams of 400FPM velocities at temperatures of 45º F.

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