Handheld UVC Wand

Handheld UV Wand - Blade 2

The AAW Handheld UV wand is a portable direct germicidal UV system for surface disinfection with ultraviolet light. It can help control the growth of germs such as viruses, bacteria, mold and mold spores and reduce spreading of infections.

AAW Handheld UV wand is designed for applications where a permanent UVC installation is not desired or needed. The UV system can help reduce or eliminate microbial contamination in spaces that do not need constant exposure to UVC light. Common environments include laboratories, hospitals and food plants. The High Output UV lamp emits high intensity UV so the system should be positioned in a way to avoid exposing people to direct or reflected UV light.

Each Handheld UV disinfection system features:

Refer to the UV dose table to determine the appropriate exposure times. Divide the desired UV dose by the lamp intensity to calculate the exposure time in seconds. Example: UV dose of 6,600µWs/cm² is needed for 99% inactivation of e. coli. 6,600 / 735 = 8.9 sec.

Note: the UV intensity will be higher if you place the unit closer to the surface. At 2” the intensity will be 2.5 times higher than at 6".

The UV lamp must be replaced before the end of effective lamp life. Lamps will continue to operate after that but 254nm UV is not emitted. Always unplug the power cord before replacing the lamp. When installing the UV lamp or relamping use cotton gloves or make sure not to touch the lamp. Fingerprints on the glass portion of the germicidal UV lamp will reduce the ultraviolet output.

Benefits of AAW Handheld germicidal UV wand:

AAW Handheld Specifications:

Model Description
AAW Handheld Direct handheld germicidal UV system with a shatterproof High Output UV lamp, reflector, on/off switch and ergonomic handle, 18"L x 5"W x 6.25"H, 5lbs
SBL350T High Output UV Lamp rated for 12,000 hours of continuous use
UV Intensity @ 6" >735µW/cm²
UV Dose /1 min at 6” >44,000µW-sec/cm²

Warning! UV can burn eyes and exposed skin. Great care should be taken to protect people from exposure to direct or reflected UV light.