In-Line Liquid Sugar And Water Disinfection UV Systems

The Liquid Sugar “LS” UV systems are designed to treat flows of up to 200GPM (gallons per minute) per vessel.

Liquid sugar, which has very low UVT (Ultraviolet Transmission or Transmittance), passes as thin film over tightly packed UV lamps where it is exposed to powerful germicidal ultraviolet light and is disinfected. The germicidal ultraviolet lamps are oriented in tight clusters to maximize UV exposure at very low UV transmittance levels - as low as less than 1% UVT.

The liquid sugar UV systems are specially designed to treat liquids in a thin film manner - with the lamps close together to optimize the disinfection process. They are designed to treat opaque and thick liquids, sucrose syrups with high osmotic pressure (brix 25-67), glucose, juices and other base materials.

While the thin film UV systems have been used primarily for disinfecting liquid sugars, where microorganisms can exist in spore form and can reproduce once introduced into the food and beverage lines, they have been proved effective for treating fruit juices and pharmaceutical base liquids.Thin Film UV Systems Applications - Food processing Beverage plants, Pharmaceutical, Honey manufacturing Apple cider disinfection, Cosmetics

Liquid Sugar UV Disinfection Systems - Key Benefits

  • For instant disinfection of liquid sugar and syrups
  • Proven chemical free UV disinfection
  • Effective on a wide range of microorganisms including thermophiles
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Low cost
  • Easy to relocate
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IL-LS UV Disinfection Systems Technical Data
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Liquid Sugar
UV Systems
Flow Rate* Electrical Replacement UV Lamp Quartz sleeve Power Dimensions
with cooling shrouds
IL-LS-300-5 10GPM 120 or 220V
L-024433 (5) Q-050232 420W 30” x 5”
IL-LS-300-12 35GPM 120 or 220V
L-024433 (12) Q-050232 1,020W 30” x 10”
IL-LS-5000-12 75GPM 220V
L-020760 (12) Q-051064 2,040W 80” x 10”
IL-LS-5000-20 100GPM 220V
L-020760 (20) Q-051064 3,400W 80” x 14”
IL-LS-6000-16 125GPM 120 or 220V
L-549460 (16) Q-0566064 5,600W 80” x 18”
IL-LS-5000-36 150GPM 220V
L-020760 (36) Q-051064 6,120W 80” x 20”

* Flow rates shown as a general guideline at 67 brix. Actual flow rates will depend on the specific UVT of the liquid sugar or syrup and other project conditions. Each liquid sugar UV system is quoted on a "per case" basis.

5000 Series Ballast: E-07230B (220V)
6000 Series Ballast: E-300A2B


  • 316L electropolished high purity vessel
  • Stainless steel remote ballast control center with lamp out status and run time
  • Low-pressure 10,000-hours UV lamps (high output and amalgam)
  • Electronic ballasts in 120V or 220V
  • Sanitary fittings (inlet/outlet, drain and sample ports)
  • Flexible mounting

Liquid Sugar / Sucrose


  • Fan cooling - lamps may need to be cooled to maintain maximum output
  • PLC monitoring
  • Chemical cleaning tanks (system is designed for CIP standard practices)
  • UV monitoring is available for plants that want to have a higher level of security
  • We have the ability to customize the UV system for any installation. Our engineers can design a custom UV  product to meet the installation requirements.