Mobile 12-lamp UV Systems

MRS45-12 Mobile Room Disinfection UV System with 12 UV Lamps

The MRS45-12 UV system is easily-moveable room disinfection system designed to provide direct, prolonged UVC treatment of the air and all exposed surfaces until the predetermined amount of time is reached.

The UV light is controlled with a remote control fob and an internal PLC. The UV system is equipped with a 360° motion sensor array, to prevent accidental exposure to anyone who may enter the room during the disinfection cycle. The unit has 12 GML515 45” UV lamps optically centered around a highly polished reflector for maximum germicidal UV intensity.

Motion Sensors: One 360° motion sensor array is mounted above the lamps to prevent UV-C exposure to any persons who may enter the room during a UV decontamination cycle. This is done by turning the UV lights off and cancelling the cycle.

Wireless Controller: The operator can exit the room first and then remotely start the countdown to begin the decontamination cycle thus reducing the risk of UV-C exposure to the operator.

Each mobile UV system is equipped with casters for maximum portability. The unit must be plugged into a three-prong, properly grounded, 120VAC, 15Amp rated electrical outlet. This outlet must be protected with an appropriately rated and listed circuit breaker.

Why it is important to disinfect surfaces with germicidal UV

Bacteria, including VRE, MRSA, TB, C.diff, and viruses can survive for a long time on contaminated surfaces.
In hospital environments, surfaces with which hands come in contact are often contaminated with nosocomial pathogens, and may serve as vectors for cross-transmission.
Contaminated hands can transfer germs to five more surfaces or 14 other subjects and can also recontaminate a clean surface.
There is evidence for low compliance with hand hygiene therefore all contaminated surfaces must be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Mobile UV System Features:

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