NC UV Systems With NEMA 4X Housing

The NC (NEMA 4X) high output germicidal UV Systems are mounted externally with only the lamp(s) inserted in the air handler or duct to disinfect the airstream. The NC systems include weather-resistant NEMA 4X housing that makes them ideal for outdoor HVAC units.

Applications: NC (NEMA 4X) fixtures are installed on the exterior of rooftop A/C units or ductwork and enable easy access to difficult to reach outdoor locations. They are available in one-lamp and two-lamp configurations and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Only the lamp(s) and input power wiring penetrate the HVAC unit, while ballast and lamp harness remain external (housed inside the NEMA 4X enclosure).

NC (NEMA 4X) UV Fixtures utilize high-output “green” lamps (≤ 8 mg of mercury; 2-year guarantee) with five-year ballasts (non-prorated 5-year warranty) into a convenient kit that delivers the best and longest-lasting UVC performance available. Independent tests show that the NC fixtures deliver greater output than any other ultraviolet devices under HVAC operating conditions (45° F at 400 fpm air velocity), and the increased output of our lamps provide the most reliable germicidal performance and longest service life.

NC (NEMA 4X) systems utilize high-output, (800mA), T5 diameter lamps, constructed of hard glass tubing for superior UV transmittance. They come in lengths of 14, 16, 24, 33 and 45 inches to meet different size requirements. The lamps produce no ozone and retain, at a minimum, 80% of their initial output after 2 years (17,000 hours). The NC fixtures are available with four voltage options (115/208/230/277 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase).


The NC Systems lamp and power supply are factory assembled and tested in the USA prior to shipment. Each assembly shall consist of NEMA 4X housing, electronic ballast(s), lamp(s) and wiring harness.

FIXTURE: Housing shall be powder coated aluminum to withstand the elements and HVAC environments, and shall meet NEMA 4X requirements. Housing shall be equipped with a bottom electrical opening to facilitate wiring fixture to the HVAC unit’s power. It shall incorporate all components into one integral assembly that maximizes integrity and serviceability. It shall be designed for mounting from outside the airstream with only the lamp(s) in the conditioned air. The lamp mounting shall allow for quick and easy removal during lamp replacement.

BALLAST: The solid-state ballast (furnished with this kit) is a Class P rapid start with a power factor minimum of .95. It is available as a 120, 208, 230 or 277 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase, and is designed to maximize photon production in air temperatures of 35-170° F. Minimum ballast start temperature is – 20 degrees F. Ballasts have a RFI - EMI rating as defined by FCC part 18A for industrial/commercial applications in regards to suppression. Ballast is UL listed for use in HVAC applications.

LAMPS: NC (NEMA 4X) systems utilize high-output (800mA), T5 diameter lamps, constructed of hard glass tubing for superior UV transmittance. Lamps are “green” containing ≤ 8mg of mercury and they produce no ozone. Lamps shall retain, at a minimum, 80% of initial output after 2 years (17,000 hours) of use. Electrodes are designed to maximize plasma convection and stability for superior lamp performance and life. Lamps are rated to produce 11.7 µW/cm² per linear inch of lamp arc length at a distance of 1 meter in a 45° F and 400 fpm airstream.

INDEPENDENT TESTING: Units are tested by an independent test laboratory in accordance with the general provisions of IES Lighting Handbook, 1981 Applications Volume, and provide output per inch of glass of not less than 11.7 µW/cm² at 1 meter in a 400 fpm airstream of 45° F.

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