Portable High Volume UV Air Cleaners

Mobile Air Movers with UVC air disinfection and HEPA filtration 

The portable Clean Box UVC air cleaners are designed for high volume air purification projects. These air purifiers are totally enclosed air-movement germicidal UV systems with multiple high intensity germicidal UV lamps and HEPA filters.

These UV systems are designed to be portable to reduce airborne dust, dirt and mechanical particles as small as 0.3 micron as well as microbiological contaminants. These UV air movers feature stainless steel body with controls, power cord, high volume blowers, UVC lamps and HEPA filtration.

The High Output UV lamps are completely enclosed so the UV systems can be on at all times and provide maximum air filtration and germicidal UV air disinfection.

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Model Air Volume and Air Treatment
RMT16-P0Z 300CFM Air Cleaner with four 16" UVC Lamps & HEPA Filtration (16" x 16" x 12" HEPA filter)
RMT24-P0Z 750CFM Air Cleaner with four 24" UVC Lamps & HEPA Filtration (24" x 24" x 12" HEPA filter)
RMT33-P0Z 1,500CFM Air Cleaner with four 33" UVC Lamps & HEPA Filtration (34" x 34" x 12" HEPA filter)
RMT45-P2Z 2,500CFM Air Cleaner with six 45" UVC Lamps & HEPA Filtration (two 30" x 24" x 12" HEPA filters)