UV Disinfection Fixtures, American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner And UV Water Systems Testimonials

Dear Warren,On behalf of Marriott Vacation Club International I am pleased to inform you that, based on initial results, the test project we implemented using your recommended protocol has been very successful. The process you recommended for our east region corporate office has in fact helped to alleviate our associates' symptoms that seem to have been related to our indoor air quality.

The application of Sporicidin® Disinfectant product through fogging the air handler units, coils and ducts as well as the installation of your UVC lights on the coils has improved the quality of the air in our building.

In addition, I was impressed by the professionalism of American Air & Water's representative Keith Hubbard. Keith demonstrated extensive knowledge of both products in disinfecting and decontaminating our building with Sporicidin® Disinfectant and installing the UVC lights on the coils for continuous coil and air disinfection. He explained the process in a simple manner that made good sense. Surprisingly, the products and service were very affordable.

I look forward to measuring continued positive results from the application of your products and look forward to achieving some energy savings. Furthermore I would recommend both your products and Keith Hubbard to any commercial building manager experiencing indoor air conditions that maybe irritating to associates or customers.

Kind regards,

Richard Meccariello
Regional Vice President Sales and Marketing
East and Caribbean Region
Marriott Vacation Club International

Dear Warren,

This letter is to confirm our recent conversation concerning our experiences with the UV lights we installed in our facility a couple of years ago. As you know, we have three large air handlers (two 20 ton and one 30 ton) that handle our operating rooms, recovery rooms and patient areas as well as 4 smaller air handlers (5 tons and less) that handle our office space and waiting rooms. The larger air handlers have the dual 3 foot lamp units - with two in each air handler downstream of the evaporator coil. The smaller air handlers have an American Lights residential-light commercial unit installed also downstream of the evaporator coil.

We have never had any incidents of nosocomial infections since we opened our doors in 2004 - the UV lights have been in place since 2007. I recently had a problem with complaints of "dirty socks" odor in our patient recovery area that was serviced by one of the 20 ton units. Upon investigation of this problem, I found that the UV lights had been unplugged from the 115 volt receptacle in the attic - probably a month and a half prior when contractors were running some data cabling in the attic and needed the outlet and forget to replug in the lights. The two other air handlers had their UV lights functioning during this time with no mold or odors produced. This air handler, which all conditions were the same except for the UV lights unplugged, did have the odor and mold issue. Obviously once I sprayed the coil and replugged in the UV lights, the problem resolved itself.

Thanks again for enlightening us about the benefits of the American Air & Water UV lights. It is clear to us that the UV lights really do play an active role in preventing mold and odors from growing in our air handlers. Our inadvertent experiment proved the point!

Very truly yours,
Doug Luba, Facilities Engineer

Dear Mr. Lynn:

This letter is to let you know how much I appreciate the UV Air Cleaner sold by American Air and Water. It has helped my wife and me to improve our health a great deal over the last year.

Before I retired from Kansas City Power & Light Company in 2002, 1 usually spent at least five days a week at their headquarters location where the air quality was excellent - among other things, they have a no-smoking policy there. On weekends, I was out of our house much of the time, running errands, cutting the grass, etc. After retiring, that all changed - I now spend much more time at home. And, my health change too - for the worse!

By the winter of 2004-2005, I was fighting respiratory infections week after week, one right after another. My internist introduced my to a number of products that I'd never run across before - e. g., Advir, Mucinex, and prescription cough suppressants. Being around my wife more, I noticed that she too was suffering from respiratory distress - a hacking cough, etc.

In trying to get at the root of our respiratory distress, I found a health care piece touting the benefits of UV-C light. Then, thanks to the internet, I found out about the UV Air Cleaner sold by American Air and Water. I had the American-Lights UV air cleaner installed above the A-coil portion of our home air conditioning system in May, 2005. Since then, we've run the blower on our HVAC system 24/7 and changed our furnace filter monthly.

During the 2005-2006 winter season, I had one short cold - it lasted about a week. Ditto for my wife. Even though we spent a lot of time with our young grandchildren when they had colds, we just didn't catch every thing that came along. What a relief! !

Two other changes we made that have also helped we bought a humidistat and make it a point to keep the humidity between 40% and 50% in our house, and we bought the Xylitol-based nasal spray Xlear from Whole Foods Market and use it twice a day.

Keep up the good work, please. We are counting on you to send us a new bulb for our UV Air Cleaner in May of each year!

Best regards,
"The UV light is keeping my house free of mold and germs. Thank you!
I nearly died from toxic mold. I was sick for two years before I figured out what was causing me to get dehydrated and having to be rushed to the hospital for fluids."

Houston, TX

... It is refreshing to talk to a manufacturer that actually cares about the product they assemble or produce. In this world of individualism it is tough to find a product or company that really service what they sell ...

Brian Hergenrader
Allied Power Systems

Dear Fred,

A couple of weeks ago I received a light that was a replacement for my previously ordered item. I wanted to thank you for your prompt answer and delivery. I was greatly impressed by the level of service I received and shall highly recommend your company to those who might need your products.

Monique G.

Dear Fred,

We were finally able to complete our plumbing project. We ran one hundred and fifty feet of new 3/4 copper pipe under the house after finding several water leaks. We also discovered a large gas leak which slowed down our progress. All said and done we have tested our water through the state of Missouri and all of the bacteria problems are solved. Thanks to the Wedeco DLR-A2 Ultraviolet Water Purifier. We tested the water twice over a three week span and had good results both times with no problems. Thank-you and your staff for being so helpful and knowledgeable about the water purifying products and shipping solutions. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again,
Tim P.

This is the testimony of Gisela Mann, a resident of Riverdale, GA who was a victim of black mold. Complete testimonial »

The Mann family house sustained considerable water damage during Hurricane Cindy and Hurricane Dennis.... Over the next few months following these hurricanes Mrs. Mann began manifesting symptoms which could not be readily identified. She developed hives, Epstain-Barre Syndrome, nausea and became allergic to almost everything edible. ... All these symptoms pointed to one villain - black mold. Mrs. Mann learned about American Air & Water, called Fred and began telling him the grim tale of what had happened...Fred began to tell her about the benefits of his products and how they might be of help. He shipped the items which were the Sporicidin and the ultraviolet light unit. Through the use of the two products over time, the symptoms that Mrs. Mann had have completely disappeared. She no longer manifests the allergies and the effects from the mold which were tiredness, weakness, nausea and the general destruction of her health. She is now alive to tell the story.Thanks to Fred and American Air & Water, there is a happy ending to this story. My gratitude to Fred and American Air & Water many times over.Mrs. Gisela Mann
Riverdale, GA
Complete testimonial »

Thanks so much for the gift certificate & the towels. When I referred other people to your company, I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I was just impressed with the quality, price & the way you do business. If I had more business experience & selling experience, I think I could make a living selling & installing your UV purifiers in this area.

A had a water sample tested after I installed the purifier & everything was fine!

Thanks again, Merle Begly

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