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Partnership With The Unified Group

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March 2002, THE UNIFIED GROUP Forms Partnership with Enhance-It, LLC to Benefit Member Companies

The Unified Group, a national network of top-quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors who share a commitment to remain independent, has formed a partnership with Enhance-It™, based in Hilton Head, SC, to provide its member-companies with a significant discount on its Northern Lights ® Air Cleansing System.

Enhance-It’s™ Northern Lights system utilizes ultraviolet (UV) lights to sterilize microorganisms found within indoor air, thereby reducing or eliminating the presence of mold, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in residential and commercial buildings.

“The system is easy to install and maintain, and is highly effective,” said Julie Bishop, executive director of The Unified Group. The lighting unit features one high-output UV bulb which can be installed in minutes, she continued. The only maintenance requirement is an annual bulb replacement. “Our members will now be able to provide their customers with an affordable, dependable and effective product while at the same time reducing their own costs when it comes to the purchase as well as installation and maintenance,” she said.

The Unified Group also has purchasing agreements with Boise Cascade Office Products, Cambridge Engineering, Inc., Koch Filter Corporation, The Trane Company, United Rebuilders, Inc., and W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Officially launched in August 1998, The Unified Group currently has 31 member companies representing over $450 million in revenue. The mission of The Unified Group is to provide shared training opportunities, negotiate purchasing arrangements as a group, pursue national and regional business opportunities, and provide forums for information exchange and sharing of best practices.

To find out more about The Unified Group, contact Enhance-It at 1-843-306-0070.



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