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January, 2002 - Enhance-It, LLC Teams Up With American Ultraviolet, World Leading Manufacturer Of UV Products, To Broaden Distribution & Marketing Opportunities.

Hilton Head, SC --- South Carolina-based Enhance-It, LLC recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance between its company and internationally renowned American Ultraviolet Company.

Enhance-It, a company focused on discovering and delivering products which enhance the quality of life, markets the Northern Lights® Air Cleansing System. The system, which utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize microorganisms found within indoor air, reduces or eliminates the presence of molds, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in residential and light commercial settings.

Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet is one of the most experienced manufacturers of UV applications in the United States. Respected worldwide for its extensive expertise, the company manufactures ultraviolet systems for a wide variety of industries and applications.

In the agreement between the two companies, American Ultraviolet will endorse Enhance-It’s Northern Lights Air Cleansing System as “the most affordable, non-custom, duct-mounted, high-output UV light on the market for HVAC contractors to install in residential and light commercial applications.” In addition, Enhance-It has agreed to represent and market American Ultraviolet’s entire line of products.

According to Warren Lynn, president of Enhance-It, “American Ultraviolet’s endorsement of our product underscores its market-leading superiority. Beyond its affordability, our system is simple to install, easy to maintain, is highly effective, carries a 5 year warranty and is fully certified.”

The Northern Lights Air Cleansing System is comprised of a single unit, features a single high output UV bulb, and can be installed within minutes. The only maintenance requirement is annual bulb replacement.

“With the growing popularity of UV air cleansing systems, HVAC contractors aren’t only seeking affordable, dependable and effective products for their customers,” stated Meredith Stines, president of American Ultraviolet, “they’re also looking for ways to decrease their own costs when it comes installation and maintenance.” 

“The Northern Lights Air Cleansing System is clearly the superior answer in residential and light commercial settings,” noted Stines, whose company currently provides ultraviolet applications to the health care, pharmaceutical, water purification, screen printing, bottling, food processing and aerospace industries. “While our company currently carries a higher-end UV light, the addition of Enhance-It’s product to our line will expand our market opportunities.”

“We’re not only excited to receive the endorsement of a world leading UV manufacturer for our product,” stated Lynn, “but with our corporate mission of promoting products designed to enhance the quality of life, we couldn’t be more pleased to represent American Ultraviolet’s broad line of high-quality purification and sterilization products and applications.”

Lynn stated that this agreement would benefit Enhance-It’s HVAC contractor customers because it will allow them to work with American Ultraviolet’s engineers in the servicing of much larger commercial and/or custom applications. “In addition,” he remarked, “American Ultraviolet’s complete spectrum of water purification applications, ranging from small residential units to massive systems for industrial plants, will allow us to market both the best air and the best water purification systems in the business. After all, the two most vital elements of life are clean air and clean water.” 

Lynn added, “By teaming up with American Ultraviolet, we’ll be creating a synergy between our two companies which will allow us both to expand our businesses by broadening the scope of our offerings and intensifying our marketing efforts.”

Enhance-It’s Northern Lights UV Cleanser is certified by Intertek Testing Services, N.A., Inc., a nationally recognized testing laboratory. It is accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under Federal Law 29 CFR 1910.7, with the system certified to all applicable product safety standards. The system bears the ETL Product Safety Certification Mark.

Warren Lynn, President
Enhance-It™, LLC/American Air & Water®, Inc.

Meredith C. Stines, President
American Ultraviolet Company


The Northern Lights/ American-Lights® Air Cleansing System is clearly the superior answer in residential and light commercial settings...

Meredith Stines, President AU


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