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Commercial UV Water Purifiers Sizing Sheet

    UV Water

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We can provide any UV water purification specifications for any facility - from the most economical UV water purifier to the most elaborate ultraviolet water purification design.

In order for us to quote your job, we need detailed information. You can print an UV sizing data sheet and fax it, or you can submit it on-line by filling out this form:

Contact Name:

E-mail address:

City, State, Zip:

Project Name:

Installation Date:

Peak flow rate /US GPM/:
Average flow rate /US GPM/:
 Minimum flow rate /US GPM/:
No flow situation:


    If Other, please specify:

  Location of UV system:

Water temperature range:

UV installation temperature range:

Treatments prior to UV:

UV system location in regards to other equipment:

Water UV transmittance - %:

   Total water hardness:

Water Ph:

Suspended solids:

Magnesium /ppm/:
Turbidity /NTU/:
Total iron /ppm/:
Influent counts:
Desired count:
Required UV dose mJ/cm2:
Power requirements - Voltage:
Power requirements - Cycle:
UV Lamp Technology: Low-pressure standard output UV lamp
  Low-pressure high output UV lamp
  Low-pressure amalgam UV lamp
  Medium pressure UV lamp
Optional Controls: UV Monitoring
  High heat shutoff
  UV transmission online
  UV transmission portable
  Moonlight Remote
  PLC monitoring
  4-20mA output
  Hand Off Auto
Optional Spare Parts: Replacement UV lamps / bulbs
  Quartz sleeves
  Compression nuts
  Wiper rings
Structural Options: Automatic or manual cleaning
  Flanged, NPT or Sanitary Connections
  Skid mounting
  UV light traps
  Explosion proof
  Cooling kit

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