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Stop TB Partnership

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UV And Indoor Air Quality

American Air & Water, Inc Joined the Stop TB Partnership Housed by the World Health Organization

Stop TB Partnership

In October 2007 American Air & Water's application for membership in the Stop TB Partnership was approved by the Stop TB Secretariat and the company was welcomed as an Organizational Partner.

The Stop TB Partnership is a proactive global force in TB control. Established in 2000, the Stop TB Partnership is a network of over 500 organizations working together to realize a common vision of a world free of TB. Housed by the World Health Organization, the Stop TB Partnership consists of a Secretariat and seven working groups coordinated by a 32-member board.

The Stop TB Partnership aims to accelerate social and political action to fight Tuberculosis. It helps to forge consensus on strategies, coordinate responses, promote the supply of high-quality anti-TB drugs and generate action for the development of new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines. It is actively expanding access to life-saving treatment for TB patients in the world's poorest countries.

American Air & Water®, Inc, a South Carolina Corporation, offers a complete line of UV air disinfection systems which greatly reduce or eliminate microbiological contamination of indoor air. The UV systems have been used for years in hospitals and doctor's offices to effectively control the spread of airborne TB. As a company dedicated to delivering solutions for reducing human exposure to environmental pollutants as well as controlling the spread of harmful microorganisms, including TB, inside most any indoor environment, American Air & Water's goals are well aligned with the global Stop TB Partnership's goals.

Dr. Marcos Espinal, Executive Secretary of Stop TB Partnership Secretariat wrote: "Becoming a partner allows you to post the full profile of your organization for the public and for partners to view and use. You will also be kept up to date on TB related news and events. The Partners Directory is an ever improving resource and as a partner, these resources will always be made available to you."

Warren Lynn, President of American Air & Water®, Inc. said “We are happy that the Secretariat recognized the value - in terms of knowledge and resources - we can offer to Stop TB Partnership and approved our application. As an Organizational Partner we are planning to join the efforts of the Partnership toward the mutual goal of providing a healthier and safer tomorrow”.


American Air & Water, Inc.

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