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UV And Indoor Air Quality

UV Systems Distribution In Greece

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UV And Indoor Air Quality

American Air & Water®, Inc Expands in Europe by Awarding
a Distributorship to Greece Air & Water

Hilton Head Island, SC, August, 2008 - American Air & Water®, Inc awarded exclusive distribution of UV disinfection systems to Greece Air & Water in an agreement signed by the two companies. The Distributorship will cover all of Greece, including the three Free Trade Zones there.

American Air & Water®, Inc, a South Carolina Corporation, offers a complete line of UV air, surface and water disinfection systems which disinfect air or water in industrial, commercial and residential establishments. In addition, American Air & Water®, Inc. will support Greece Air & Water with proprietary knowledge, engineering and formulas for the UV systems as well as proprietary marketing materials, including video, web sites, catalogues, brochures and training.

Greece Air & Water will use its business expertise to promote the acquisition, resale, distribution and installation of UV air and water disinfection systems, aiming to become a premier source of ultraviolet products and solutions in Greece and other European countries.

Athanasios Papanikolaou, owner and CEO of Greece Air & Water with a background in engineering and marine industry, states: “We researched various UV manufactures and found that American Air & Water was very responsive and a great fit for our needs. There is a huge market for various UV systems in Greece and throughout Europe with a growing need for disinfection products. After visiting the American Air & Water headquarters we decided to represent their complete line of environmental products. We are confident that the arrangement between our two companies will be long lasting and mutually beneficial.”

Warren Lynn, President of American Air & Water®, Inc. said “We enjoyed meeting with our friends and partners from Greece. This agreement is in accord with our philosophy of conducting international business through local representatives in each territory and we are glad to add Greece to the growing list of countries where we have established presence. Through Greece Air & Water we will deliver quality UV systems and environmental solutions to the market there which will facilitate our penetration of the European market."

For additional information on the exclusive distributorship for Greece contact Warren Lynn or visit American Air & Water®, Inc. website:

About American Air & Water®, Inc. - American Air & Water®, Inc. is dedicated to developing and delivering solutions for reducing human exposure to environmental pollutants as well as controlling the spread of harmful microorganisms inside homes, offices, hospitals, farms - most any indoor environment.

American Air & Water®, Inc. carries products and offer solutions for improving air and water quality and increasing comfort and productivity by creating a healthier indoor environment. Our thorough protocols identify the source of pollution and contamination and prescribe steps for remediation of the problems and disinfection measures. Once the environmental control techniques are implemented and a building is recognized and certified as healthy, it is our guarantee that it will offer a safer, healthier, more comfortable and more productive environment.

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