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UV And Indoor Air Quality

American Air & Water Top Holiday Seller 2012

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UV And Indoor Air Quality
Top Seller 2012 on Amazon

Dear American Air & Water, Inc.,

On behalf of Amazon, we want to congratulate you on your outstanding sales performance during the 2012 holiday season.

Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all Amazon sellers. In addition, your customer satisfaction ratings were excellent -- A+ -- during this period.

Thank you for the hard work and dedication that made these results possible. You provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers on Amazon.

We wish you a happy and successful 2013.

Your Amazon Services Team

See the 2012 Top Seller Award Certificate


American Air & Water®, Inc. specializes in research, development, marketing and sales of air, surface and water germicidal UV disinfection systems and providing solutions for reducing human exposure to environmental pollutants and controlling the spread of harmful microorganisms inside homes, offices, hospitals, schools, farms, food plants and laboratories.



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