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UV And Indoor Air Quality

Philips UV Lamps

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UV And Indoor Air Quality

American Air & Water®, Inc Becomes an Approved Distributor of Philips UV Lamps

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Philips UV Lamps The power to purify water and air
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Ultraviolet Lamps - Philips

Hilton Head Island, SC, November, 2008 - American Air & Water®, Inc. continues to expand its germicidal UV product offerings by becoming an approved distributor of Philips ultraviolet lamps. Philips Lighting has been closely associated with progress in the field of germicidal UV technology by developing, manufacturing and marketing UV-C lamps and by researching new UV lamp configurations.

The UV lamps manufactured by Philips are a natural addition to American Air & Water’s product line as the company's intention is to offer the best UV products at the most affordable price, backed by the best warranty and engineering support in the industry.

Philips Ultraviolet LampsEvery day, millions of people rely on Philips germicidal UV lamps to help them disinfect their indoor environment or water supply. The UV lamps offer a simple and energy effective disinfection solution to customers worldwide. By becoming an approved Philips distributor American Air & Water®, Inc. will offer the following ranges of lamps for disinfection purposes:

1. Classic T5 and T8 TUV lamps
2. High Output TUV lamps
3. PL-S and PL-L twin-tube compact TUV lamps
4. XPT amalgam Very High Output germicidal lamps in T6 and T10 diameters
5. HOK lamps which are medium pressure type mercury lamps

One through four ranges of UV lamps are based on low-pressure mercury technology which produces over 95% germicidal UV output in 253.7nm wavelength. The medium pressure lamps produce a much higher UV-C output but at a broader spectral range.

American Air & Water®, Inc, a South Carolina Corporation, offers a complete line of UV air, surface and water disinfection systems and a constantly expanding range of replacement UV lamps.

Warren Lynn, President of American Air & Water®, Inc. said “As a prominent provider of quality UV lamps American Air & Water was getting an increasing number of inquiries about the Philips brand UV lamps. We submitted the paperwork and our application was immediately approved by Philips. We are happy to have a world renowned brand like Philips in our range of ultraviolet lamps."
For additional information contact Warren Lynn or visit American Air & Water®, Inc. website:

About American Air & Water®, Inc. - American Air & Water®, Inc. is dedicated to developing and delivering solutions for reducing human exposure to environmental pollutants and controlling the spread of harmful microorganisms inside homes, offices, hospitals, schools, farms -- and most indoor environments.

American Air & Water®, Inc. offers products and solutions for reducing air conditioning costs, improving indoor air quality and increasing comfort and productivity by creating a healthier indoor environment. Our thorough protocols identify the source of pollution and contamination and prescribe steps for remediation of the problems and measures for protecting the building from recurring contamination. Once the environmental control techniques are implemented and a building is recognized as healthier, it is our assurance that it will offer a safer, healthier, more energy efficient and more productive environment.



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