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Name Change, TV, New Commercial Product

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July 2002

We are proud to inform you of 3 major events:

1. Name Change
2. Television Campaign
3. New Commercial Unit

1. NAME CHANGE: We are in process of changing our name Northern Lights UV Cleanser to: 

2. TELEVISION CAMPAIGN: We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with a Television Network to shoot a 4 minute commercial on August 28th that will be aired on September 30th on 22 networks during October, November and December. Upon success in this test market, the Network will do a national roll-out campaign on 500 networks.

3. NEW COMMERCIAL UNIT: We have designed a new commercial/industrial unit that is four times more powerful than any existing commercial/industrial unit available. Our prototype was tested and our first units for field testing are scheduled for next week.



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