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UV And Indoor Air Quality

Partnership with Don Ryan Center for Innovation

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UV And Indoor Air Quality

American Air & WaterŽ, Inc. Has Partnered with Don Ryan Center for Innovation to Launch Breakthrough Product

BLUFFTON, SC: American Air & WaterŽ, Inc. of Hilton Head Island, SC has partnered with the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) in Bluffton, SC to help launch its new, patented, innovative, lighting and disinfection product, PrismUV™.

Warren Lynn, President of American Air & WaterŽ, said he believes the Don Ryan Center will be a significant resource for his company as it gets its newest, multi-functional lighting product financed and into nationwide distribution.

American Air & WaterŽ has been specializing in the research, development, marketing and sales of germicidal air, surface and water disinfection systems for nearly 20 years, and with its new PrismUV™ product will now move into the arena of “smart light technology.”

PrismUV UV Air and Lighting System
PrismUV™ Light Combats Germs, Pathogens, Allergens and Odors

"Our patented product replicates sunlight indoors, which improves artificial lighting," said Lynn, "and by doing so our PrismUV™ light is capable of combating indoor germs, pathogens, allergens and odors as well as positively impacting the mood of the occupants."

“PrismUV™ is a truly multi-functional, disruptive product that marks a paradigm shift in the world of indoor lighting,” said Lynn. He pointed out that it will alleviate mal-illumination of people spending too much time under artificial indoor light which limits their daily exposure to "full-spectrum" daylight.

"Working with innovative companies like American Air & Water, Inc. is at the core of our mission," said Trent Williamson, CEO, Don Ryan Center for Innovation, "We thrive in helping entrepreneurs form companies using sound business practices and take solid solutions such as this one to market. We’re encouraged by the potential for this product and look forward to seeing it develop."

Lynn described the market potential as enormous. PrismUV™ will be especially effective in dormitory and hotel rooms as well as a range of other indoor spaces from cruise ship cabins to children’s day care and senior living facilities.

Lynn credits The Don Ryan Center for Innovation, and in particular its new leadership team of Trent Williamson and Charles Wohl for helping him focus the direction for PrismUV™ and open doors to additional outside partners and investor groups.

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American Air & Water Inc. has been specializing in the research, development and marketing of air, surface and water disinfection systems since 1999, providing solutions for reducing human exposure to pollutants and controlling the spread of harmful micro-organisms.


Since 2012 DRCI has been instrumental in creating a business-centric community while empowering innovators through its successful incubation program. The organization has also emerged as the Town of Bluffton’s economic development arm, facilitating numerous projects and partnerships that have led to the town’s vibrant economy. The DRCI business incubator has graduated more than 35 companies and mentored many more. Graduate companies have created hundreds of jobs and generated more than $5 million in annual payroll as well as more than $30 million in annual revenue. The incubator provides resources such as hands-on mentoring, company formation and overall business planning. For more details visit the website:



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