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UV Reference List

   UV reference


Reference list of companies using a variety of our UV products:
Air Control, Inc.
American Can Co.
American Cyanamid
American Home Products Corp.
American Maize Products Co.
American Stainless Steel Products
American Sterilizer Co.
Amstar (American Sugar Co.)
Anderson, Clayton & Co.
Anheuser-Busch, Inc,
The Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
Ayerst Laboratories Inc.
B & B Fisheries
Baskin-Robbins Eastern Corp.
Becton Dickinson
Berkeley Club Bottling & Mfg. Co.
Birds Eye Div., General Foods Corp.
Bonacher-Leigh Co., Inc.
Borden Foods
John H. Breck Co., Inc.
Bristol Laboratories
Bristol-Myers Co.
Burbank Hospital
Burroughs Welcome
CPC International
California & Hawaiian Sugar Co.
Campbell Soup Co.
Canada Dry Bottling Co.
Carrtone Laboratories
Carter-Wallace, Inc.
Cherry-Burrell Corp.
Children’s Hosp. Med. Center of Boston
Ciba Pharmaceutical
Clinton Corn Processing
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Coca Cola Company
Cointreau Ltd.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
Continental Water Conditioning
Cooper Laboratories
Cornell University
Cornell U. Hospital
Corning Glass Works
Cott Bottling Co.
Culligan Water Conditioning
Del Monte Corp.
Docktor’s Pet Center
Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.
Down State Medical School
Drake Bakeries
Duffy-Mott Co.
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Eli Lilly & Co.
Faberge, Inc.
Federal Sweet & Biscuit Co.
Florida Food Products, Inc.
Florida Sugar Refinery
Foremost Dairies
Foremost Foods
Four Roses Distilling Co.
Framingham Union Hospital
General Electric Co.
General Foods Corp.
Gerber Products
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Good Humor Corp.
W. R. Grace Co.
Harlem Hospital Center
Heublein, Inc.
Hire’s Bottling Co.
Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.
Holland House Brands, Inc.
Holly Sugar Corp.
Howard Johnson, Inc.
Hubinger Co.
IBM Corp.
ITT Continental Baking Co
Imperial Sugar Co.
Infectious Disease Research
Institute for Cancer Research
Johns Hopkins, School of Hygiene
& Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
King’s County Hospital
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
Knoll Pharmaceutical
Kroger Co. Dairy Div.
Lacrosse Lutheran Hospital
Lafayette Pharmacal Co.
Lederle Laboratories
Lee Memorial Hospital
Litton Bionetics, Frederick Cancer Res. Cntr.
Luther Hospital
Mason Candies, Inc.
Merck & Co., Inc.
Miles Laboratories, Inc.
3-M Co.
Minute Maid Co.
Monsanto Co.
Montifiore Hospital
Morton’s Foods, Inc.
National Biscuit Co.
National Drug Co.
National Sugar Refining Co.
Nehi Bottling Co.
New York State Dept. of Health
New York State U. Medical Center
North Dakota State U. (Vet.
Science Dept.)
Ohio State University
Ortho Diagnostics
Parke-Davis & Co.
Pepperidge Farms, Inc.
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.
Pet, Inc.
Peter Paul, Inc.
Pioneer Laboratories
Princeton University
Proctor & Gamble Co.
Ragu Foods
Ralston Purina Co.
Refined Syrups & Sugars, Inc.
Revere Sugar Refinery
U. of Rochester Medical Cenier
Royal Crown Bottling Co.
Safeway Stores, Inc.
St. Joseph Hospital
Sandoz, Inc.
Savannah Sugar Refining Co.
Schering Corp.
Sealtest Foods
Seven-Up Bottling Co.
J. Hungerford Smith
Smith, Kline & French Corp.
Smith Tank & Equipment Co., Inc.
Squibb, E. R. & Sons
Stokely Van-Camp Foods, Inc.
Stroehmann Bros. Baking Co.
Sucrest Corp.
Tampax, Inc.
Taylor Wines, Inc.
Tootsie Roll Co.
Topps Chewing Gum, Inc.
Travenol Laboratories
Union Carbide Corp.
Union Hospital
U.S. Air Force Hospitals
U.S. Army Hospitals
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
U.S. Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. Naval Hospital
U.S. Public Health Service
U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals
U.S. Chemical Warfare, U.S. Army
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Co.
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Whitman Candy Co.
Winthrop Laboratories, Inc.
Wyeth Laboratories

American Research Hospital in Poland
Baxter Laboratories, P.R.
Corporacion Bonima S.A., El Salvador
Bristol Development, P.R.
Caribbean Pharma-Chem Ltd., Barbados, W.I.
Laboratorio Chile S.A.
Filtradin, Israel
Funakoshi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan
Contamination Control (Pty.) Ltd., South Africa
Culligan Water Conditioning, Kingston, Ontario
Germeiec Industria Comercio De Aparelhos Ultravioleta Ltda., Brazil
Pardavco Inc., P.R.
Schering Pharmaceutical Corp., P.R.
G.D. Searle & Co., P.R.


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