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American-Lights Home UV Air Cleaner

AA&W Sprayer

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American-Lights UV Air Cleaner


AA&W Electric Sprayer

  • Great for a wide variety of applications
  • 3 gallon heavy duty tank
  • Electric pump is self contained in unit
  • Wide variety of Spray Tips available
  • 25' Recoiling hose (other models available)
  • All brass wand construction
  • On demand pump (up to 50 PSI)
  • Optional upholstery kit
  • Easy to use yet durable
The AA&W Electric Sprayer is ideal for a wide variety of applications including surface disinfection, air duct cleaning and coil spraying and cleaning. The Sprayer can be used to apply Sporicidin or a different disinfectant to various surfaces and areas which are difficult to access.

Sprayer Drawing Sprayer Operating Instructions
Sprayer Drawing Sprayer Dimensional Drawing
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Sprayer Tips

The 8004 plastic tip (Fig. 1) will provide a 80 degree spray. This sprayer tip should be used for general spraying.

The 800067 brass tip (Fig. 2) provides a 80 degree spray with a fine atomized spray. This sprayer tip should be used for light spraying.

The Y-1 brass tip (Fig. 3) provides a straight fine atomized spray (25 degree to straight stream). This sprayer tip should be used for fogging the cavities behind walls.

Note: When changing the plastic sprayer tip to the brass sprayer tips, please add the enclosed washer for a secure fit, otherwise the fitting will leak.

Plastic Sprayer Tip  8004 Fig. 1

Brass Sprayer Tip 800067Fig. 2

Brass Sprayer Tip Y-1Fig. 3

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