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DLR UV Water Purifier Features And Benefits

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DLR - Point Of Entry UV Water Purifiers

UV Water Purifier Installation DrawingWith the DLR UV water purifiers, American Air & Water presents a complete line of point of entry ultraviolet water purifiers for residential and commercial water disinfection applications. The DLR Series ultraviolet water purification systems have been designed by WEDECO with the customer in mind, merging the highest quality construction with innovative features for maximum customer satisfaction.

The DLR UV water purifiers are available in 2 configurations, each with different models to meet every price point and flow requirement. The economical DLR A UV water purifier comes complete with LED power and lamp out indicators and an audible alarm.

In addition to these features plus a microcomputer controller, providing automatic customer notification when it’s time to replace the lamp, and a push button for system reset, the top of the line DLR M UV water purifier features a highly accurate, UV (254 nm) lamp output intensity monitor and status indication to meet the most stringent NSF Standard - 55 Class A requirements for ultraviolet water purification systems.

The UV Monitor continuously monitors the ultraviolet intensity reaching the disinfection chamber wall - the furthest point from the UV lamp. As a result, it automatically reacts to changes in UV intensity within the water purifier that may be caused by normal lamp aging, or abnormal quartz sleeve fouling or water quality changes. This provides a second level of protection for the homeowner. Not only is the homeowner sure that the water purifier is operating effectively but that it is always delivering the right UV dose for optimal protection.

 A point of entry UV water purification system is really a home appliance with an installed price in the same range as other home appliances. By selling the highest quality UV water purifiers on the market, we strengthen our image as an industry leader for quality home UV water treatment products. American Air & Water carries the highest quality products, at competitive prices.

Glo-Cap™ and Saf-T-Cap™ UV Lamp Connection System

Commercial Residential UV Water Purifier - DLRThe combination Glo-Cap™ and Saf-T-Cap™ UV lamp connection system is both stylish and safe. The Glo-Cap™ provides an attractive blue glow (blue light only – no UV escapes the unit) in a darkened room or at night, providing at a glance assurance to the homeowner that the UV water purifier is working away to protect their family from microorganisms.

Additionally, the Saf-T-Cap™ UV lamp connection mechanism provides convenient access for lamp replacement (a simple twist unlocks the cap) while automatically disconnecting the UV lamp upon cap removal. This feature prevents homeowners (and their children) from ever removing an operating UV lamp from the disinfection chamber. While no UV water purifier should be sold without this safety feature, there are many products on the market that do not provide this basic requirement.

UV Water Purifier Automatic Operational Status & Alarm Indication

All DLR UV Water Purifiers provide positive indication that the UV unit is powered and operating, and audible and visual alarms in the case of a UV lamp failure. In addition, the DLR M UV water purifiers provide the added feature of automatic lamp replacement notification so the homeowner knows when to change the UV lamp. This ensures that the UV system will always operate as intended, and prevents possible under dosing in the event the UV lamp is not replaced on time.

Strong Customer Service Support Including Same Day Shipping

American Air & Water customer service staff are just a phone call or email away for all of your parts or equipment needs, or if you have technical questions regarding the UV water disinfection or a product feature, service or installation. American Air & Water is, in most cases, able to ship equipment and parts the same day you place an order. And will deliver the items on a rush basis if you need it in a hurry.

DLR UV Water Purifiers Warranty & Advantages

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