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Portable UV Air Purifier




AAW-TBE-14-1 $499 - Special Limited Time Offer $299

Portable UV Air Purifiers
Portable High Output UV Air Disinfection System

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List Price Special Limited Time Offer
$499.00 $299.00

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The AAW-TBE-14-1 is a totally enclosed air-movement germicidal UV system for in-room control of airborne TB and flu, as well as other airborne viruses, bacteria and mold.

These UV systems are designed to be portable or wall-mounted to reduce airborne microbiological contamination. AAW-TBE-14-1 ultraviolet units feature stainless steel chassis, pull-chain switch, power cord, a fan and two filters. The High Output UV lamp is completely enclosed so the system can be on at all times protecting personnel and providing maximum germicidal UV disinfection. Re-lamping requires only disconnecting the power and opening the top cover. AAW-TBE-14-1 ultraviolet units are shipped assembled.

AAW-TBE-14-1 UV fixture mounts via two keyhole slots in the back of the unit. These holes are on 12.5" center and require # 8 anchor screws.

BALLAST: The UL listed solid-state electronic ballast is a Class P rapid start with a power factor minimum of .95. It is available for 120V 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz and is designed to maximize photon production in air temperatures of 35º to 175º F. Ballasts have an RFI - EMI rating as defined by FCC part 18A for industrial / commercial applications in regards to suppression.

The UV lamp must be replaced before the end of effective lamp life. UV lamps will continue to operate after that, however 254nm wavelength is not emitted. When installing the UV lamp or re-lamping use cotton gloves or make sure not to touch the lamp. Fingerprints on the germicidal UV lamp will reduce the ultraviolet output. Check the filters regularly and clean or replace as needed.

Portable UV Air Purifier Features & Benefits:

- Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and spores
- Reduces the risk of airborne transmission of cold, flu, TB and other illnesses
- High output UV lamp
- UV dose - 1,645µWsec/cm²
- Five-year, non-prorated warranty on the chassis
- One year prorated warranty on the UV lamp
- Produces no ozone or any other secondary contaminants
- 120V 50/60Hz, 1Amp
- Dimensions: 20" x 5" x 4"
- 430 stainless steel construction

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UV Air Purifiers Specifications:




Enclosed stainless steel forced air UV disinfection system with a High Output UV lamp, fan and 2 mesh filters


Filter 4.75" x 4.13" x 0.75"


High output germicidal UV lamp - 12,000 hours effective life
UV intensity - 550µW/cm² at 1 foot


35CFM Fan

The UV air purifier is completely assembled, with UV lamp packed separately to prevent breakage. Do not plug into power outlet until the lamp is installed. To install the lamp:

1. Open top cover of UV unit
2. Lift cover with handle
3. Remove UV lamp from packaging material and clean with cotton cloth. Do not touch glass portion of the lamps with bare hands as this will reduce UV output
4. Hold the lamp base and insert the 4-pins into socket
5. Check wiring connections to ensure they are not loosened by shipping
6. Make sure the wire does not touch the fan blades
6. Reinstall the cover
7. Plug unit into appropriate outlet
8. ON/OFF pull-chain switch is located on front of unit (on bottom if wall mounted)

For best results the UV lamp must be replaced annually. Check and clean or replace the filters as needed.

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Print AAW-TBE-14-1 UV Air Purifiers Specs /PDF/

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