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Soft-Stretch Hood




Soft-Stretch Hood

Comfortable • Water Repellant • Economical • Reusable

The Contec Soft-Stretch Hood with patented triple-layer design provides comfortable protection, all day long. Latex-free. Wear independently for full range of head motion with unrestricted vision. For greater protection, wear with goggles or a respirator.

Soft-Stretch Hood Water Repellant Protects head, face and neck from:

  • Dust, soot and debris
  • Paint overspray and splashing liquids
  • Bugs and spider webs
  • Wind and rain
  • Sun and heat


  • Disaster Recovery
  • Mold and lndoor Air Quality Remediation
  • Dirty Jobs
  • Crawl Space Work/Pest Control
  • Asbestos/Lead Abatement
  • Meth/Crime Scene Clean Up
  • DNA and Skin Particles Containment
  • Critical Environments
  • Clean room Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Media Blasting
  • Paint Application

Catalog Number

Soft-Stretch Hood

HDFW0288 Contec Soft Stretch Hood - 12 hoods/pack; 24 packs/case  (288 hoods per case)
Price: $524.62 per case. $21.86 per pack
HDFW0300 Contec Soft Stretch Hood - 50 hoods/box; 6 boxes/case
Price: $486.26 per case. $81.04 per pack
Call 843-306-0070 for availability and orders

Caution: Hood is not intended to replace an OSHA required mask or respirator. Will not protect against high velocity particles, steam or liquids. Should not be used near flames or sparks, or in environments exceeding 200 degrees F. When used in wet environments, wear multiple layers of hoods for greater protection against moisture. For ordering or assistance please call: 843-306-0070
or e-mail: sales@americanairandwater.com

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