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CHI-HF Industrial UV Water Purifiers

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UV Water Purifiers - CHI-HF
Industrial UV Water Purifiers

CHI-HF UV Water Purifiers provide disinfection solutions for industrial applications. The CHI-HF UV water purification systems are capable of treating large water flow projects with germicidal UV.

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a proven, dependable and effective method eradicating microorganisms present in the water source. UV radiation with 253.7 nanometer (nm) wavelength is extremely effective in killing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds. Germicidal UV (UVC) targets the DNA of water contaminants. Exposure to germicidal UV prevents the microorganisms from being able to reproduce and cells that cannot reproduce are considered dead.

The CHI-HF UV Water Purifiers have been designed for high purity applications. They are also designed for ozone destruction (OD), total organic carbon reduction (TOC), liquid sugar (LS) and chlorine destruction (CD).

CHI-HF UV Water Purification Systems Applications:

• Aquaculture / Aquarium UV Water Purification
• Swimming Pools / Amusement Parks UV Water Disinfection
• General UV Water Disinfection in Bio / Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty, Food and Beverage
  & Semiconductors Industries
• Process Water Disinfection
• Chlorine / Chloramine Removal
• Dissolved Ozone Destruction
• Advanced Oxidation

Standard Features

Optional Features
  • Water temperature: 0º – 60º C; 32º – 140º F
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Electropolished 316L Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Max. Operating pressure 150 PSI; test pressure 225 PSI
  • UV Dosage >30 mJ/cm²
  • High-intensity, long life Spectrotherm™ type UV lamps XLR30 (XLR 30 or XLR-30)
  • High Performance Electronic Ballast
  • Lamp operation indicator
  • Saf-T-Cap lamp connector
  • Lamp cable length – 35 ft
  • “Z” Configuration Vessel
  • Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure
  • Type UCA UV Sensor – highly accurate, dry sensor
  • Thermal Overheat Protection Switch
  • Automatic Wiping System (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Extended Lamp Cable Length (70 feet)
  • Cleaning & Drain Valves – Ball Valve, stainless steel, suitable for draining and air relief
  • Sampling Valves – R1/4” Male
  • Cleaning System
UV Water Purifiers Technical Data
Water Purifier GPM
Fresh Water
RO / DI Water
Lamps Inlet/
Outlet Size
XLR Lamp Life
CHI-80HF 375 425 4-33" 6" RFF XLR30  (2) 12,000
CHI-100HF 460 530 6-33" 6" RFF XLR30  (2) 12,000
CHI-200HF 975 1,140 8-33" 8" RFF XLR30  (4) 12,000
CHI-280HF 1,300 1,460 4-33"HO 10" RFF XLR30  (4) 12,000
CHI-400HF 1,625 1,900 6-33"HO 10" RFF XLR30  (6) 12,000
CHI-650HF 2,500 2,900 8-33"HO 12" RFF XLR 30  (8) 12,000

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