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Medium Pressure Inline UV Systems

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Medium Pressure Inline UV
Medium Pressure UV Systems

LightSpeed - 4000-4 & 8000-8
Medium Pressure UV Systems

• 4,000 or 8,000 watts per UV lamp
• High efficiency inline reactor
• Fewer UV lamps
• Compact footprint
• PLC controls
• Automatic quartz cleaning
• Dimmable electronic ballasts
• Easy flanged installation

The LightSpeed UV systems integrate medium pressure ultraviolet light technology into an inline chamber. The medium pressure UV lamps produce wavelengths ranging
from 200 to 700 nanometers (nm). While peak germicidal disinfection range is 254 nm, the wide UV spectrum technology is extremely powerful and allows for fewer lamps.
These UV systems are designed for installations requiring a
small installation footprint, low head loss and the ability to process high flow rates.


• Electropolished and passivated stainless steel reactors
• 4,000 and 8,000 watt medium pressure UV lamps
• Remote free standing electrical control panels
• Electronic ballasts - allow for dimming from 20 to 100%
• Automatic mechanical quartz cleaning systems


Water passes through the UV reactor where it is exposed to powerful ultraviolet light by medium pressure lamps. The UV lamps are oriented perpendicular to the flow. Based on a flow signal from the plant, the UV system is capable of ramping the intensity up and down to optimize system efficiency. Since the UV systems are powerful (ranging from 16kW to 32kW), the ability to vary the output 20-100% provides significant electrical savings. The wide spectral output of the polychromatic medium pressure UV lamps can be used for water disinfection or destruction of chloramines.

Medium Pressure UV Applications

• Swimming Pools - for water disinfection and destruction of chloramines
• Tertiary & Secondary wastewater disinfection
• Combined sewer overflow (CSO) disinfection
• Well water for process
• Fish hatcheries water disinfection
• Aquaculture
• Drilling and fracking
• Chlorine destruction
• TOC reduction
• Ship ballast water disinfection

 Water Quality Considerations (for wastewater applications)

• Water UV transmission > 65%
• Iron < 0.3 mg/L
• Manganese < 0.05 mg/L
• Total suspended solids (TSS) < 30 mg/L
• Total dissolved solids (TDS) < 800 mg/L
• Biological oxygen demand (BOD) < 30 mg/L
• Tannins < 0.1 mg/L

Medium Pressure UV Systems Specifications

UV Chamber

Ballast Control Center

316L stainless steel electropolished and passivated vessel
Stainless steel, Teflon, Pneumatic quartz cleaning mechanism
Inline (lamps perpendicular to flow)
Pressure rating: 150 psi (10 bar)
4 medium pressure UV lamps per chamber
150# raised face stainless flanges
Ports: 2” drain, 3/4” vent, 1/4” sample ports

• Enclosure: Free standing modified NEMA 4x
• Power: 480 Volt 50/60 Hz three phase
• Ballast type: Variable output dimmable (20-100%)
• PLC: Allen Bradley SLC 500 with PV OUI

• Quartz sleeves: GE Type 214 fire polished
• Seals: Viton, Teflon

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Ultraviolet systems with medium pressure UV lamps



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