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A/B PE Polyethylene UV Water Purifiers

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UV Water Purifiers - A/B-PE
A/B PE Polyethylene UV Water Purifiers

The A/B Polyethylene (HDPE) UV Water Purifiers are most suitable for disinfection of sea water and other lightly corrosive media. The reactor chamber is made of a non corrosive, high temperature stable Polyethylene. The high intensity Spektrotherm® UV lamps will guarantee a maximum disinfection level and efficiency in cold and warm water applications. These UV systems can either be mounted horizontally or vertically into existing pipe lines and are equipped with a separate electrical cabinet.

A/B PE UV water purifiers are built with concentrically arranged Low Pressure, High Intensity UV lamp(s), parallel to the flow direction of the water. UV lamp and quartz sleeve assembly are removable from one end of the reactor. Calibrated UV monitoring system.

Polyethylene UV Water Purifiers Markets:

• Sea Water Purification
• Corrosive Media UV Purification
• Fish Farms UV Water Disinfection

UV Water Purifiers Applications:

• Aquacultures
• Aquariums
• Fish Farming
• Thermal Springs

A/B PE UV Water Purifiers Features A/B PE UV Water Purifiers Features
  • Water temperature: 5º – 40º C, 41º F – 104º F
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Chamber 87 PSI max operating pressure
  • Flow Balance System, UV sensor, Cleaning Valves
  • Mounting: Horizontal with at least one flange pointing upwards
  • Constant minimum flow of > 10% of design flow
  • Calibrated UV Sensor, selectivity > 99% at 254 nm, Accuracy ± 4%
  • Non-Aging, Temperature Stability up to 158°F for continuous operation
  • Cylindrical Low Pressure High Intensity Germicidal SPEKTROTHERM UV Lamp
  • Maximum operating pressure – 87 PSI
UV Water Purifiers Technical Data
Water Purifier GPM
Fresh Water
Outlet Size
Electrical Dimensions
Diameter & Length
A-10 PE 47 2.5” RFF/ DN 65 120V/60Hz 12” x 36”
B-32 PE 112 4” RFF/ DN 100 120V/60Hz 13” x 26”
B-60 PE 237 6” RFF/ DN 150 120V/60Hz 13” x 50”
B-120 PE 406 10" RFF 120V/60Hz 17” x 51”
B-160 PE 607 10" RFF 120V/60Hz 17” x 51”
B-300 PE 1,023 12" RFF 120V/60Hz 18” x 63”

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