American-Lights UV Air Cleaner Specifications UV Air Cleaner Specifications  
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american-lights<sup>®</sup> UV Air Cleaner Specifications

American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner Specifications

  american-lights<sup>®</sup> UV Air Cleaner Specifications  UV PRODUCTS

american-lights<sup>®</sup> UV Air Cleaner Specifications


All American-Lights® UV Air Cleaners are factory assembled and tested. They consist of a power cord, 1A fuse, electronic ballast, high output germicidal UV lamp and chassis, all constructed to withstand HVAC environments.

Multi-Volt UL Listed Air CleanerThe American-Lights® is tested and certified by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) for multi-volt applications at 120/240/277V, 50/60Hz in the USA and Canada without any further modifications. The file number under which UL conducted the testing and certification is E42012. The health aspects associated with the use of this product and its ability to aid in disinfection of environmental air has not been investigated by UL.
Fuse: SIBA189020-1Dimensions: 6.3mm x 32mm 500V 1A

Electronic Ballast AAWHO/14 High Output UV Lamp Air Cleaner Chassis

The electronic ballast delivers maximum ultraviolet irradiance and reliability while suppressing noise. The electronic ballast is operational with 120/220/ 277VAC at 50/60Hz and will operate the American-Lights® HO UV  lamps in airstreams of 35-135ºF and airflows to 1,000 FPM. Other UV lamps will not be compatible, may damage the ballast and void warranty.

The AAWHO/14 UV lamp is similar in design to a normal fluorescent lamp. It is a 4-pin lamp with ceramic base. The lamp is constructed of quartz which eliminates ozone production. Heat output is low and the lamp can fit into a wide variety of locations within the HVAC system. Effective lamp life is approximately one year.
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The air cleaner chassis is constructed of durable commercial grade stainless steel for many years of worry-free service. All components are incorporated into one integral assembly that maximizes serviceability. The lamp is held in place and supported in the air stream by a heavy duty lamp clip with 2 fasteners that also allow for quick and easy service.
American-Lights UV Air Cleaner Technical Specifications
UV Lamp Holder

American-Lights® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
U.S. Trademark Registration No: 2,839,201


UV Lamp should be mounted a minimum of 30” from heat source if on supply side and at least 36" away from any plastic air filters and plastic coated wires.

Prolonged exposure to UV will burn the retina of the eyes and skin.

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